Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ciel died

As you all know, I really love Kuroshitsuji. My sis was watching the last episode last night and she told me dt Ciel died! This can't be happening!
So, my sis went to wikipedia and checked whether the manga is still ongoing or not. And yes, it is still ongoing, which means maybe Ciel won't die in the manga. But my sis told me that Ciel would surely die...... T_T
PS my dad was super mad when we just woke up. Ntg to be surprised about coz he always gets mad during weekends.


  1. I agree, I don't want Ciel to die T.T

  2. Ciel~! Yeah, it made me really sad; I cried when Sebastian was rowing the boat on Ciel's memories and when he picked up the flower ring. ;O; I'm anonymous~! xD But yeah, hopefully he's still alive in the manga. =3 The manga seems longer then the anime. >.o; Plus, I want it to air in America. :3

  3. you never actually SAW ciel die :] and the manga is tsill ongoing, yes ^_^

  4. Hi, it's true that in one of the last episodes, Sebastian said to the angel, that he's already tired to just absorb the souls and that he just wants to be with his master. And in fact you don't see Ciel's death at the end. I think it's some kind of "open doors in future" for author and HOPE for us - fans. :-) I also heard that one journalist asked the author if Ciel really died and if he will appear again with Sebastian in another episode or story. And the autor smiled and answered: "Hm... it's a secret. ;-)" Why he said such a thing?! Damn... when I heard it I started to me much more impatient and crazy about it than never before!!! :-D