Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey! There's something I want to tell u guys. When u lyk someone or maybe ur crushing on someone u dun noe. Don't think of it as painful when tht person doesn't lyk u. Think of it as a sweet experience. Coz it really is sweet when u lyk someone. Plus, u must have the courage to tell the person u lyk him so u wun regret when u won't see him. Even if he rejects u, at least u've already told him. If u haven't, u'll juz regret and u'l' nvr noe whether he lyks u or nt.

This didn't really happened to me, i juz thought of it when i heard Fish Leong's song and she kinda said something lyk dat in a show.


Yay! I finished reading std 4 科学! Bt i haven't read the activity book or the papers our teacher gave us.
Well, I found out how to shake control my handphone!Yay...
I was l8 when i arrived at school. Well, nt exactly late, bt technically. I ran into the classroom, put my bag, grab my book and ran to the hall. I was halfway thr and Pn J.L asked me to go in quickly and the PK2 just nod. Good thing thy din ask me to stand by the door. The BM teacher scold two boys bloody fools.HOW RUDE. It's was quite funny though.
We went to the high school field and saw my sis. Dunno if i should say 'YAY' or not. We played badminton and basketball, u can choose. I chose badminton and played for a while. Bt then, GKMY 'racquet-nap' my racquet so i cnt play. I went to talk wiv WC and ST. She told me who she likes. And of coz' i told her too.
I have to run around the school to find my bro, h8 him.... Bt the good news is, i get to see 'him' coz i'm late. Haha. Btw, saw 'him' a lot today.
P.S I saw Soon Fat when i was halfway to school. She was stuck in the jam too.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've been rili busy these days. I hv to sudy for the exam. I juz on the computer coz i wanna go check out fansites. And, of coz, i updated my blog.
Today, we have this caligraphy competition. I wrote a little bit and found out that i haven't bring down the science notebook so i ran down. The teacher asked us why i bring down so late. Then, she asked me whr are the papers she gave us yesterday. I thought we already passed up so i said so. Bt she said she din hv it. So, i hv to run up again and collect them. Bt everyone dun care and continue writing. Bt when i said the whole class will gt scolded, everyone passed up. I ran back to my place to continue writing. Wrote wrong one word. Asked ah sir to giv me another new paper. He agreed. I wrote quickly and continue collecting the papers.When i gv the teacher, she asked me if i hv finished writing and i said yes. Then, she entered the class. She damn scary. Bt sometimes, she's good. I'm sure everyone in the class will hate me if i said she is nice. Haha. Well, that's all. Gonna check out fansites and off the comp.

Monday, February 23, 2009

GKMY is the president.

Today, the Ah Sir wanna choose the president, secreatary or wadeva of the english quiz club. I'm nt even sure if it is a club.
When the teacher asked us who wants to be president,she said she wants to be even though i said Jo Xing is better. Then, she said dat we need to giv her a chance coz JX is president in every club. GKMY is incredibly STUD to think dat JX is president in everything. Idiot. So, Ah Sir chose GKMY coz thy get along pretty well. GKMY always talk to him when she's lonely. Weirdo. If u lonely, make some frens lorh, y need to talk to teacher.
Anyways, I threw her book. YAY! And she was evil to show the note that ST wrote, to the teacher. And ST said ppl who are stupid turns to the teacher for help(i think she said it like dat, i cnt remember) Bt teacher din punish ST. YAY!
At the school assembly, the teacher gave the all the monitor a new ribbon. I received it and immediately think eww, coz very ugly and big. Like Minnie's ribbon. Haha.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I posted a blog post about Saturday, bt it's only about Saturday evening, nt morning. I was at school in the morning. School started at 8, bt i hv to go thr b4 7 coz of a math class or wadeva it's called. I'm lazy to write about the rest of Saturday so go read blogs of othr ppl who goes to the same school wiv me. If u dunno who, e-mail me and i'll tell u.
Ntg special actually happened today. Except for me doing revision for a few hours bt only read three topics coz i keep thinking about othr stuff. Then, gt bored of reading and lay down. Then, i read newspaper and my bro begged me to go back to the room coz it's raining heavily and he's scared. Scaredy cat. He left after that for badminton lessons.So, i on the computer and go read celebrity gossip. I put my computer on standby mode so i can go watch Hannah Montana. Played wiv my bro's guitar, sing some lines of the choir songs. It's nice coz i actually know this song. The choir usually sings weird songs i've nvr heard of. I went back to room, chat wiv Zini, watch Miley and Mandy show, read my besties' blog, update my own blog. My mom came home and said she bought me jogging shoe and school shoe, i tried on the jogging one bt too small, the school shoe is juz nice. I'm gonna shut off the computer after i finish writing this blog so that i could do my revision...

My eyes hurt

My eyes hurt. Guess it's coz i cried too much yesterday.
That's rite, i cried. Even someone who smiles all the time in school actually cried.
It all started when i came back from tuition yesterday. I get in the car n my bro showed me my sis' new phone. It's W910. I was shocked, mad and sad. It's the phone i actually wanted at first, bt my mom said no so i bought W580i. So when we were at my grandma's house, i cnt control bt cried. It's nt coz i rili wan dt phone, it's juz dat i gt TOO emotional and cried. As a matter of fact, I'm nt even sure y i cried. And the weirdest thing is dat i cnt stop. I juz keep crying and crying. My grandma keep telling me tht if u cry, ur eyes will hurt the nxt day. She was RIGHT.My eyes do hurt. At last, i stopped crying and we went to fetch my sis. Then, we go out for dinner at a restaurant called Passions of Kerala. Nt sure if it serves Indian Food or Thai cuisine. We finished eating dinner without our mom coz she's at another place for a company dinner. We went to a shop called Nice Day. My siswas searching for accessories for her new phone. I went to look for bags even though i dun usually do dat coz i dun lyk them. Bt i saw one dat is nice. I mean, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS.. Gosh, i'm turning into GKMY, coz she always says gorgeous.Haha. SO, my sis called my mom and asked if i can buy it. My mom said yes and we bought it. YAY. Dun feel sad anymore.
Woke up this morning found out my sis phone can use internet. Mine also can bt need to register first. T_T. Good thing i played wiv her phone. Coz when i was, I found out that i like mine better. YAy me!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taylor is on the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine

Taylor is on the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine! :) Just told u guys about this even though i knew it a few days ago. Anyways, I'm reading two ppl's blog now. Wan Chi and Taylor. I was visiting her myspace and saw something totally meaningful. Here thy r:
"We still wish, though, because sometimes thy come true...." This is from Grey's Anatomy. Taylor posted it on her myspace coz she's a big fan of it.
"We wish because we need help and we're scared and we know we may be asking too much." I don't think this is from Grey's Anatomy, maybe it's a Taylor original.

Friday, February 20, 2009

English quiz

A really boring school day before recess. Then, it gets not-so-boring after recess. After recess, it's art lesson and I dun have to do anything coz I'll have to go to choir l8er. YAY!
Bt I'm YAY-ing coz i dun have to do my art project, nt bcoz i can go to choir... JY also hates it. I was planning on quiting bt I also wan to go sometimes. When I arrive at the choir room, JY was only at the hall, haven't even arrive yet. And I was totally shocked when I saw the teacher. Wanna noe y?She CUT HER HAIR! Bt i think she looks great, even better than the long hair. PLus, she was talking with wormy and i think thy were flirting.Haha.
And then, we practice and practice then go back to class. English lesson. YAY! We joke around and laugh a lot coz Ah sir doesn't bother that much. Riiing.. everyone rushes out the class and prepares to go home,bt I'm nt coz i'm staying back today for English Quiz. On my way to the canteen, i walk past 'him'. He's staying back too, bt nt for english quiz(he's nt that smart).
At the canteen, Grace was thr with her 'layered tupperware'. SHe has eggs, veggie,grapes and mangoes. All organic. Yesterday, she ate papayas even though she said that papayas make ur boobs look big.Weirdo. Then, Ruby keeps coming to our table to grab G's grapes. G also told me who she likes.
Go the 6a9 for quiz. Finished doing the worksheet very fast bt only got 88. I played 'tug n war' wiv Ruby using a cane. Haha. We keep pulling and pulling till we ran out of class. I fell... Bt i get back up and continue pulling. A computer teacher saw us and she stood thr staring at us wiv a bad look on her face. So we stopped, bt nt exactly coz we continue playing in the class. I won so Ruby took my bottle. I chased him and spotted G's crush walking past our class. I told G bt she didn't care coz she playing hard-to-get.Again.I h8 it when she does dat.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Guess what day is today? THURSDAY! U'RE RIGHT! It's thursday, a stud day coz gt 色队练习. But the good news is that b4 the 色队练习, it was a good day in school, plus thr is just little HW. At 图书馆节we went to the library's computer room and we saw YL serving the net. We search weird stuff lyk and thr rili is a He also went to eunice's blog. Then, he want to go to my blog bt i said no. Bt we were too loud so the teacher came in and warned us nt to be noisy and she aslso suspect that we searched some uneducational stuff. Then, b4 放学 YL showed us the chamelon that has BIG eyes and said that it is 'someone' cnt say who dat person is. Haha. The chamelon was actually a picture, nt a real one.
色队练习: Rili hot. We 跳高first. The first time i juz run towards thr and stopped and asked how to jump, the guy thr answered me and said use ur leg to jump.SWT. Wad a stupid answer.So, i hv to jump again. Second time, my leg hit the pole, and i lied down on the mattress, and I feel lyk a BURNING CHICKEN! Bt the teacher wasn't happy and call us to jump again. Then, teacher realized that all the girls are hopeless in this thing so she asked another teacher to take us to 跳远. Bt she let us run first. After finish running, the T told us that we are nt bad already, at least we can run 100m within 12 seconds, and i whispered to Zini saying that the teacher which is our science teacher is talking about speed. Everything science one this teacher. Then, we dun need to 跳远 coz time out already. YAY! Bt i hv to help teacher 'catch' the 5th one who was running. Bt thy were too many and fast so i cnt 'catch' them. Hehe. Then, no more lorh. Get in the car and found out that the McDonald my mom bought was in the car bt my bro is eating the fries and he already finished the coke. Only gt burger left.NO!!!!!! Stud bro......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2 episodes in a row!

Yay, I get to watch two episodes of a show i cnt tell u bt it's nt porn...
I just finish my homework. Well, sort of. I still have to write my nilam, which reminds me that i haven't buy the new one, so i have to go buy it tomorrow. Shit. Then, I still have to study for the ejaan, do tuition homework, watch the 2 eps, read the UPSR stuff or wadeva it's called. I guess that includes my schedule.Let's get back to the subject about wad happen in school. Today, teahcer changed our place. Zini went away and Pei Xi is sitting wiv me now. I hate it bt i dun blame teacher coz it's actually my fault that we changed places. Durng music lesson, Puan J wanted us to try the drums. GKMY tried bt i think she did badly. I forgot who tried nxt, bt i remembered who played them well. Yong Liang n Jing Yan. I think JY did better. I also rmb RJ playing the drum. the way she holds the drum stick was hilarious. Haha. Before the drums, we sang a song tht sounds lyk this: Val De Ree Val De Ra. I luv it coz it has my name, Val. Then, we went back to class for English. Me and WC laughed a lot. Then, YL sang this weird song that says he's cool and pro. I changed it to a GKMY version. Oh, and did i mention dat i tried to pinched her face bt failed coz it's too oily and my hand slipped away? She said that she had cream on her face.Weirdo. Then, after the 'hell-ish' lesson, me and WC went to the toilet without asking the teacher. When i get back to class i gt scolded by the teacher for nt wearing my ribbon. T_T bt i dun feel hurt or anything. Haha.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's ur first kiss, it's flawless, it's rili something. it's Fearless.... Listening to Taylor's Swift's song Fearless. Love it. Even though the song is about love being fearless, i think of it as a song that's about life and u have to be fearless to get something u want. It's kinda stupid that i think of it that way.....Bt who cares.
Now, let's talk about Taylor Swift. I love her coz she's awesome, her songs are inspirations from her life. She's a great song-writer. Bt i noticed all of her songs are about love, mostly about her heart broken. Anyways, juz go listen to her songs. If u r a girl thinking if u should go back together wiv a guy that dumped u before, listen to her song 'White Horse' it's about coming back to reality. If u r a girl that is in love, listen to 'Love Story' And if u're heart broken or crushing on someone now, juz go listen to the rest of the songs. Well, I guess tht's it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I cnt control myself

Gosh, I on the computer even though i 下定决心 to on it once in two days. Haha. I guess that's juz me.
Let's see wad happened today. I went to school and we talked about ppl's blogs. YL said he's gonna help me make a C-box. I wonder if he's rili gonna do it or maybe he's juz gonna hack my blog... If he does, i'll kill him. I'm serious... Then, we need to go the hall. We saw the std 1 kids thr getting injections. Almost all of them cried and shout. One of them shouted in a high-pitched voice, I think she should join the choir.... And then another one ran to the back of the hall. Smart kid. Everyone was so nervous coz thy thought thy were gonna get injections too. Turns out that we dun need to! Yay....:) The nurse said some stuff about how bad it is if u smoke and the othr person who stands near the person will die earlier. If u ask me y, I dunno how to answers coz i didn't listen carefully.Then, recess lorh. After recess we went to hall (again) to have a health check or wadever. The nurse didn't said i'm too fat or too thin. Those who r too thin have to eat those unknown pills. Even though the nurse didn't comment on my weight, she did asked me to cut my finger nails....Then, after othr lessons, gt 周会. When the 周会 ended, I left the hall too fast, didn't get to see 'that person'. T_T

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My dad threw away my book!

It's another blog post... ON THE SAME DAY.
Today is kind of a pointless day. I woke up early and thought that i can do a lot of stuff. But the only not-so-pointless stuff i did today were only homework and updating my blog.Then, i fell asleep and woke up at 5.20p.m. I rushed out of the room to watch Hannah Montana. Only gt to watch a little..T_T. Then, i feel lyk studying so i go to the 'library' bt it's actually a room that stores book.SWT.But i cnt find my book. So i called my mom for help,bt we still cnt find it. Then, my mom thought that maybe she already threw it away.I was so mad and sad. THen, i found out tht it was actually my dad who threw it. Grr... Bt he doesn't rili feel bad or anything, it was my mom tht feels bad. So, to make i up to me, mom wanna go buy 参考书for me. Even though i din rili wan, i said yes. Then, she asked if i wanna go and i said no. Then, she asked again if i wan the Coffee Bean Belgium Chocolate ice-blend and of course i said yes. Haha. Rite now, i'm still waiting for them to come back....

What if the tiara fits?

Are you a girl who doesn’t feel perfect and nothing special happens to you often or you always feel ugly? If u say yes , then have you ever wonder how it feels like if you can be a princess? I mean what if the tiara fits and you are a PRINCESS?

Gosh, cnt believe I wrote something that 'deep'. Haha. And if u wonder did this really happen to me, i would say no. I just thought of this when I saw a blogger template from a website.


Hi. I just joined blogger yesterday and i didn't make an 'intro' blog. So, here it is.
I'm only 12 and I lyk to laugh,a lot. I LOVE to wear sneakers, trousers(coz i hate skirts or dresses). My best friends are Wan Chi, Eunice, Zini, Shin Thong and maybe more coz i can't rili remember. I'm currently in 6A1 and i'm gonna sit for a big exam called UPSR bt i hvn't started reading it coz i juz cnt concentrate. I love to read mangas especially shonen mangas lyk Naruto and D.Gray-Man even though I'm a girl. I eat a lot bt i dun lyk to go jogging, swimming or wadeva. Which is why I'm nt in a great figure and I'm nt fit. Haha. Well, I guess that's it.Keep checking in for more.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today's v-day bt i still HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL coz 补课. stupid.... Well, bt it's nt bad to me coz i DUN celebrate v-day. i'm mad coz i cnt rest at home. Haha. Anyways, today is the art competition. THe title is ‘’一场梦'' which means 'a dream' I drew pigs flying, a cute ghost and a pontianak on the tree. I personally lyk the 'pontianak' coz it's so cute bt i ruin it with my horrible painting skills. Then, when i almost finish, XM and WC came by and 'help' me draw. I lyk the smiley face she drew on my tree bt then XM overlap it wiv paint. Stupid. THen, WC started going crazy n draw my PIG! I LOVE THAT pig. BUt it was okay coz i lyk the picture we all 'put together' . It was ugly bt i lyk it. DUnno why. WHo cares? I wun win anyway. then, i saw G's drawing, she drew pumpkins. YEs, PUMPKINS . I mean, does she think it's Halloween? Wad an idiot. THe, i saw XM's drawing, i kinda lyk it even though it's 'ugly'. I allow WC to play wiv my painting tools and ended up making a HUGE MESS. Now, bac to the subject. Let's see, othr ppl's drawing. ST draw KON from Bleach, JY draw a rili scary MONSTER, Rubern draw a girl singing. Weird. Then, i started taking a 'walk' around the school.THen, go home.duh.
I kinda lyk today even though i hv to go to school.