Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I keep seeing him

I was watching videos on youtube yesterday and i saw a comment that says that if you cover your mouth, make wishes and then post the comment on three videos, tomorrow would be ur best day. So, I tried it even though i knew that it won't be true, but I try to believe it anyway.
So I woke up today and i had an awful headache and I think I have a cold. Not a good start of a day. Even so, I try to believe it would be my best day too.
Arrived at school, came out of the car and i didn't see him. Nt good (too). Then, i walk up to class. When i was giving my friend my homework, he walked by our class. Didn't see him, nt good. I thought the rest of the day would be fill with 'not good' s, but i guess i was wrong....
I went for a walk and saw him. I went to the canteen and saw him a lot. And he was even standing beside me! I heard his voice, kinda sounds like a girl... I went to the music room, saw him. Waiting outside the music room at the 2nd floor, and he pointed at me.(he was at the 3rd floor) Haha.I feel like flying when he pointed at me. This is kinda like my best day ever.
When music lesson ended, i walked back up the the 3rd floor coz my class is there. I walk past 6A6 and many ppl were saying (more like shouting) : εΎ—εŽ ηš„...
They always didn't finish their sentence. Annoying. I have to hunched my back to past the class. ANd when i've past it, i laughed coz they were like croaking in the class. LOL
Back to wad happened in recess:
Jie Ying cried coz kinda scold her for telling about WC and Zini's crushes to the boys. When we finish 'scolding' her, we left and we heard that she cried when we were lining up to go back to class. P.S i saw him. I went to find Jie Ying coz she cried bt i cnt find her. Turns out, she was just in front of me when we were lining up. Stud me. We tried to 'comfort' her bt she ignored us. So we left. I know, wad 'great friends' are we....
Then, WC told me that she saw him holding hands with a guy... Gay....Haha. I dun really care.
P.S. someone was caught passing a note Jie Ying wrote during class. And the teacher read it, good thing she didn't read it out loud. I read the note too.... Really dramatic and sarcastic.
This is a really long blog, coz a lot happened today. i even left out some.

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