Sunday, April 5, 2009

Found Fearless

Yesterday, i went to Gurney for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. When we got out from the lift, i saw Fearless at Speedy!!! I wanted to freak out but i controlled myself, coz if i do, ppl might think that i'm psycho.....
I plead my mom to buy it and she say l8r.
WEnt into Manhattan Fish Market, sit down, order and i went to speedy. I found out that Fearless only got Malaysian Edition. Shit. So i went to look for othr discs. I saw ON AIR!!!! Then i looked at the price tag.OMG. RM 99.90!!! SO expensive!!!!
Went to Popular and bought A4 paper and highlighter. The highlighter is actually crayon...... BUNCHO created it. On the way back to Manhattan FIsh Market, my sis saw her teacher so we have to go the long way just in case the teacher saw her.
Went back to the restaurant and ate dinner. Then went to JUSCO. WE wanted to go to PAdini bt close already, so we went back.
Ntg really special about this trip. Wish the original version of Fearless will be in Penang.
P.S. Don't be sad ST if ur hamster died. Try to be happy. :)


  1. Fearless vry early out de.
    ps.i think HM:TM OST come out here when movie sum out T.T

  2. i saw d soundtrack at speedy