Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday at about 11pm my sis came home from her friend's house, she went to do her school project. Ya rite.....
She came back with a container on her hand which has a chocolate cake in it. HEr friend's mom baked it. I tried and the cake was amazing!
Then, my sis surprised me with the Kuroshitsuji disc! OMG! I love that show but i just don't wait for it to load online, which is why I stopped watching it.
Anyways, we went for counselling today. We didn't want to, but the teacher wants us to go coz of the GKMY blog incident. Who cares? I'm trying to be friends with her now. SOmetimes, I dunno wad the teacher is thinking about. Not just sometimes, almost everytime.
The teacher told us stuff and kinda repeat it again and again. We didn't tell her much coz we know she won't keep it as a secret and then G will know. SO don't trust the counselling teacher, never trust her.
PS I found out who is 'PaWnAgE' today thx to ST.

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