Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Blog

Created a new blog coz of header problem.
Here it is:
Haven't added a cbox or music player yet. Who cares.

Ciel died

As you all know, I really love Kuroshitsuji. My sis was watching the last episode last night and she told me dt Ciel died! This can't be happening!
So, my sis went to wikipedia and checked whether the manga is still ongoing or not. And yes, it is still ongoing, which means maybe Ciel won't die in the manga. But my sis told me that Ciel would surely die...... T_T
PS my dad was super mad when we just woke up. Ntg to be surprised about coz he always gets mad during weekends.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A video

A video i found on youtube. It’s a combination of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ and ColdPLay’s ‘VIva La Vida’. It’s awesome. Listen to it, not just watch the video. Enjoy.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday at about 11pm my sis came home from her friend's house, she went to do her school project. Ya rite.....
She came back with a container on her hand which has a chocolate cake in it. HEr friend's mom baked it. I tried and the cake was amazing!
Then, my sis surprised me with the Kuroshitsuji disc! OMG! I love that show but i just don't wait for it to load online, which is why I stopped watching it.
Anyways, we went for counselling today. We didn't want to, but the teacher wants us to go coz of the GKMY blog incident. Who cares? I'm trying to be friends with her now. SOmetimes, I dunno wad the teacher is thinking about. Not just sometimes, almost everytime.
The teacher told us stuff and kinda repeat it again and again. We didn't tell her much coz we know she won't keep it as a secret and then G will know. SO don't trust the counselling teacher, never trust her.
PS I found out who is 'PaWnAgE' today thx to ST.

The Climb Music Video

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WC finally got on9

WC finally got online!!! I'm so happy, and she also updated her blog. She hasn't update it for a long time. And lately, not many ppl updated their blog too. Wanna know why? I dunno why, maybe it's bcoz it's not 'blogging season'.... Lol

There's a weird person called 'PaWnAgE' that keeps writing lyrics and put in my CBox. He added me on MSN and i still dunno who is he. But ST is going to show me who is he tomorrow. Yay. Coz i h8 strangers or mystery people that doesn't show their names.

PS today was werid coz two strangers added me and one was incredibly weird. SHe asked me : DO you like ** ?
I said no and she was happy coz she likes the person. And she added me just to ask me this. Weird. Well, Good Luck, maybe he'll like u back.
My 'friend' also sent me a link and i saw photos of our sports day! I saw Grace, KE, YS, WJ, YL and many more. Interesting, nvr thought tht a teacher would upload pictures on the web.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My sister's friend's blog

My sis didn't go to school today coz she's sick. That's the only special thing that happened today... Oh,and she also told me about xm's cousin. One word, ANNOYING.
I'm so bored now so I'm surfing the web and my sis showed me her friend's blog. It's so awesome but I cnt 'follow' her coz i cnt fnd the 'follow' button. T_T. PS this person doesn't like sweet stuff. Weird. Anyways, her blog is so deep and awesome. I love it!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

30 minutes of computer

I finished doing my Ms Gan homework and I'm playing the computer(obviously). Although I promised myself to off the computer at 4 (it's 4.04now), i still haven't off it yet.
Here's wad I did during the short 30 minutes. I went to,,, youtube, Taylor's MySpace, Twitter, Selena's Myspace. I went to Selena's myspace just to listen to a song in her myspace-sweet sweet sound by Sarah Reeves, but sadly, there's something wrong with it and i cnt listen to it. Haih~
ANyways, gonna off now.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I’m confused

I’m so confused……. DO I ****him? This is weird….. I’m only 12!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I hate you


You’re annoying, disgusting and a jerk.

You tell ppl’s secrets even though you ‘promised’ not to.

You are an idiotic jerk!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I keep seeing him

I was watching videos on youtube yesterday and i saw a comment that says that if you cover your mouth, make wishes and then post the comment on three videos, tomorrow would be ur best day. So, I tried it even though i knew that it won't be true, but I try to believe it anyway.
So I woke up today and i had an awful headache and I think I have a cold. Not a good start of a day. Even so, I try to believe it would be my best day too.
Arrived at school, came out of the car and i didn't see him. Nt good (too). Then, i walk up to class. When i was giving my friend my homework, he walked by our class. Didn't see him, nt good. I thought the rest of the day would be fill with 'not good' s, but i guess i was wrong....
I went for a walk and saw him. I went to the canteen and saw him a lot. And he was even standing beside me! I heard his voice, kinda sounds like a girl... I went to the music room, saw him. Waiting outside the music room at the 2nd floor, and he pointed at me.(he was at the 3rd floor) Haha.I feel like flying when he pointed at me. This is kinda like my best day ever.
When music lesson ended, i walked back up the the 3rd floor coz my class is there. I walk past 6A6 and many ppl were saying (more like shouting) : 得华 的...
They always didn't finish their sentence. Annoying. I have to hunched my back to past the class. ANd when i've past it, i laughed coz they were like croaking in the class. LOL
Back to wad happened in recess:
Jie Ying cried coz kinda scold her for telling about WC and Zini's crushes to the boys. When we finish 'scolding' her, we left and we heard that she cried when we were lining up to go back to class. P.S i saw him. I went to find Jie Ying coz she cried bt i cnt find her. Turns out, she was just in front of me when we were lining up. Stud me. We tried to 'comfort' her bt she ignored us. So we left. I know, wad 'great friends' are we....
Then, WC told me that she saw him holding hands with a guy... Gay....Haha. I dun really care.
P.S. someone was caught passing a note Jie Ying wrote during class. And the teacher read it, good thing she didn't read it out loud. I read the note too.... Really dramatic and sarcastic.
This is a really long blog, coz a lot happened today. i even left out some.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

That’s the way I loved you

Lyrics of Taylor Swift’s song : That’s the way I loved you.

It’s an incredible song. She actually cried when recording it.

He is sensible and so incredible
and all my single friends are jealous
he says everything I need to hear and it's like
i couldn't ask for anything better
he opens up my door and i get into his car
and he says you look beautiful tonight
and i feel perfectly fine
but i miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
and it's 2am and I'm cursing your name
you're so in love that you act insane
and that's the way I loved you
breakin' down and coming undone
it's a roller coaster kinda rush
and I never knew I could feel that much
and that's the way I loved you
he respects my space
and never makes me wait
and he calls me exactly when he says he will
he's close to my mother
talks business with my father
he's charming and endearing
and I'm comfortable
but i miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
and it's 2am and i'm cursing your name
you're so in love that you act insane
and that's the way I loved you
breakin' down and coming undone
it's a roller coaster kinda rush
and I never knew I could feel that much
and that's the way I loved you
he can't see the smile I'm faking
and my heart's not breaking
cause I'm not feeling anything at all
and we were wild and crazy
just so frustrating intoxicating
complicated, got away by some mistake and now
but i miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
and it's 2am and i'm cursing your name
I'm so in love that I acted insane
and that's the way I loved you
breakin' down and coming undone
it's a roller coaster kinda rush
and I never knew I could feel that much
and that's the way I loved you oh, oh
and that's the way I loved you oh, oh
never knew I could feel that much
and that's the way I loved you

I don't like you

I don't like you. Plz don't tell me you like me, coz i don't.
I think you noe who I'm talking about.

Monday, April 6, 2009

This sucks

Now XM knows my secret and soon he will spread it to the 'whole world'. This completely sucks.
And i told a girl my sort-of secret n she told XM. Grr. Betrayer.
I just hope they won't spread it to the 'whole wide world'

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I wrote a song

I wrote a song!!!!! It’s called ‘Invisible’.

I’m kinda lazy to type the lyrics so maybe I’ll post it nxt time. Tata……..

My Header

I decided to change my header into something else so i click the 'edit' button and start to search for pictures. I saw a nice picture and click it. I didn't really wanted it as a header but i clicked it anyway. I changed my blog title and description. Then, i click view blog. I saw the picture i chose. The girl is pretty bt i don't like the center part which is white and blank!
So i wanna change it. I click edit and 'remove image' bt the picture only gt 'removed' for a few seconds only and reappear l8r. I keep clicking it bt it's still the same... Grrr... Stupid blogger. SO many problems. A few days ago, there's a problem on my profile views and now there's a problem with my header! FYI, the profile view prob isn't solve yet.

Found Fearless

Yesterday, i went to Gurney for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. When we got out from the lift, i saw Fearless at Speedy!!! I wanted to freak out but i controlled myself, coz if i do, ppl might think that i'm psycho.....
I plead my mom to buy it and she say l8r.
WEnt into Manhattan Fish Market, sit down, order and i went to speedy. I found out that Fearless only got Malaysian Edition. Shit. So i went to look for othr discs. I saw ON AIR!!!! Then i looked at the price tag.OMG. RM 99.90!!! SO expensive!!!!
Went to Popular and bought A4 paper and highlighter. The highlighter is actually crayon...... BUNCHO created it. On the way back to Manhattan FIsh Market, my sis saw her teacher so we have to go the long way just in case the teacher saw her.
Went back to the restaurant and ate dinner. Then went to JUSCO. WE wanted to go to PAdini bt close already, so we went back.
Ntg really special about this trip. Wish the original version of Fearless will be in Penang.
P.S. Don't be sad ST if ur hamster died. Try to be happy. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

So many ppl cry

Today so many ppl cry.... Break Record......
Bt i still dunno why ST cry. TBTS.
Then Ruby cry for a childish reason.
Melody go report to teacher(fake). She did it to scare the boys. She almost completed her 'mission'.
The boys also throw paper at Eunice. Rude. Btw, it's lame.
We went out and walk around the school(sort of). And i met a stud guy, said weird and disgusting stuff which are not true. You're an idiot if u believe him.
After school, have a 'debate' wiv Grace about Samuel. SHe is the only one who supports him. ME, Ruby and EUnice all say Samuel bad.Muahaha.We also have a 'debate' on Jay CHou wiv Je Ying and othr ppl i forgot. It was so funny.
Arrived late at tuition.(15 minutes late!!!) Haih~ My dad forgot about my tuition. I was super mad. On the way home, i heard Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' on LiteFm. Bt then, the song was replaced with a speech our 6th Prime Minister made. Nt that i hate the speech (even though i don't understand what he is saying), bt i really love that song and it was pretty irritating when the song was gone.I hope the stud radio station won't repeat this 'mistake' again. LOL.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Over? NOOOOO!!!!!

It’s over? NOOOO!!!!!

Wondering what am I so freaked about about?

Well, ‘Boy’s Before Flowers’ is over!!!! Nooo!!!!! I love that show, now it’s over….. Grr……

It’s not like the show had a bad ending, instead, it had a wonderful ending, but i wish the show would go on forever…. Know wad I mean?

I guess I’ll just have to face the truth, it’s over.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool’s Day

Shinny pranked me!!!! I swear, she is the best prankster ever! She told me that almost the whole school knew my secret and i totally freaked out! Seriously, i did. And i almost cried!!!! Haha. Congrats Shinny, u r the best prankster ever….

P.S  Don’t prank Eunice, she might cry and her mom might scold you…

A punishment?

Over half of the class went out to practice for sports day except for us(my besties). B4 they went out, the teacher came to our class and asked to see 5 ppl. Me, wc, yl, wj, st. I think you know who are they. The teacher just called me, she told me that we have to go see the teacher at 9:40a.m.
And i have to tell others. Why ME?! I hate it, so troublesome.
After that, i told the others and did my homework and talked with my frenz. Then, the bell rang. We have to go to the computer room. I used to hate it, bt i actually like it today coz teacher won't teach anything (czo only few ppl left) and we get to be in a air-conditioned room. Yay!
9:40 - went down to see the teacher, she asked us to give out the 画报 and then she gets serious. She asked where is the demerit book and i have to run up to the class and get it. But guess wad? It's NOT THERE coz the stud boy monitor din bring it up and i have run back down ti the office coz the book is there. I hate him. The teacher asked us to sign in the book and can only go back to the office once we're done. We went back in when we're done. She said that she didn't know wad to write inside the 'wad wrong did the student did' column coz wad we did wrong wasn't in the code written at the front page. After the 'discussion' she did wiv the our form teacher, thy demerit us 1 mark. Bt wan chi gt 2 marks. Is this our punishment? It's actually better than i expect. Normally, if u do something like this, u'll get demerit 3 marks or more. U might get hit or something worse. Well, i'm glad tht this is just the punishment.....

Monday, March 30, 2009


Yay! Miley won favourite female singer in the KCA!!!! Yay! Even though she lost to iCarly on the favourite tv series category. I cnt believe iCarly won! It' s a stud show(no offense to iCarly lovers). Plus, i HATE Miranda Cosgrove. Grr..... Well, TTFN.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Windows Live Writer

Yay!!!! I got Windows Live Writer!!!!! OMG!!!! It is so amazing!!!!!You can change ur font into rili nice fonts, u can also chge the colours of ur font.

Thank you, shin, for telling me about this. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

P.S. i juz finished watching ' What i dun like about you ' , it's a Hannah Montana episode. It's hilarious!!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour

Yay! Today is March 28! And i'm gonna off my lights at 8.30 coz it's Earth Hour. Plz off ur lights too and support this 'Earth Hour' campaign or wadever u called it. Plus, we do it to SAVE THE EARTH.
WC din come to school today, i know it's Saturday bt all the std 6 student has to go to school for tuition coz of the UPSR. Stud. I noe. Well, i dunno write all about wad happened in school today coz i noe nt many ppl would like to sit down and listen to me blab about my life. I'll juz make it short. We changed our places in school, teacher din mind. All the scouts, st john and girl guides had to go down to practice our marching. I told teacher i dun wan n she said nvm so i go back to class. I went to toilet and saw him. I also saw the person G likes and i told her. She said 'He's GORGEOUS!!' or something like dt. LOL , bt kinda disgusting. PS if u're reading this, i think teacher heard u saying tht he's gorgeous.
My sis and her fren Yong Fei was waiting at the bench in my school when school ended. I mean the 'tuition'. I sat bside my sis when she talked away wiv her fren. She also saw G. My sis was drinking the milkshake(i think) and i WANT!. I planned to go and buy wiv ST after school bt my mom arrived d and i dun hv money to buy. Haih~
Went to fetch my bro and cousin at Ms Gan. I had to walk up the stairs n take them down. Saw Ms Gan, my bro told her i left his book on the bed and tht's y he din bring. Idiot. It's only technically true. Go home. Eat lunch. WC sent me a of sms when i was still in school. I replied her and click send. Juz when i click send, my phone rang, she called. She told me about Kl and how she wanna surprise ST and failed.LOL. SHe also said tht she was ALONE in the hotel when she phoned me. Scary.... I would be scared if i were her.
P.S. i wanna thank Whitney for following me. You ROCK!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twitter and the 'photoshoot'

I juz joined twitter, about 26 minutes ago. It's kinda fun. Haha. I know, I'm lame. If u wanna noe my twitter pg, go to my profile, i wrote it there. :)
I need to go to the hall(i think) during recess tomorrow for a 'photoshoot'. LOL. It's for the math club or wadever. The president, vice prez, secretary, AJK of the club has to go tomorrow. This sux coz i hv to waste my precious time on something so stud. I wanna lie tht i'm absent, bt someone might tell teacher tht i lied and i might get scolded. Haih~
Curse all those bz-bodies who meddles into othr ppl's business.


Imperfections are sometimes the best thing about you....
You don't hv to be perfect, be 'imperfect'. If u dun understand wad i mean, keep reading and u'll know.
Are u an average girl?Average face, grades, family and everything else... Tired of being average?Tired of being imperfect? Are you trying to be PERFECT? Don't be..
If u change yourself juz to be 'perfect' or fit in, it's juz useless. I mean nobody's perfect. And if u change urself to be something or someone tht doesn't exist, it's juz stupid..... Don't try to fit in if u cnt, being different is also good.
Do you know wad imperfections are? You think you do, bt if u think it's juz something tht stops u from being 'perfect', you're WRONG. Imperfections resemble you, think about it, u'll know wad i mean. And if u do understand, u'll soon know tht imperfections are sometimes the best part of you. Stop being perfect and be 'imperfect'. Search for ur imperfections, nt perfections. Coz imperfections are YOU.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GKMY blog

As u all noe, the GKMY blog has been deleted due to some reasons. I dun feel like typing it out coz if i do, thr might be more trouble. Anyways, this is the 2nd day of the 'thing' and teacher called all of us tht's involved in the 'thing' to go down to see her at 11pm. She ask us y we hate 'her' and asked us to forgive 'her'. She also said tht she will punish us too, and we still hv to wait for the punishment. I still dunno wad the punishment is, bt she sure wun hit us...
I'm still nt sure whether i should forgiv her or nt..... I'll giv it a try though.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My pointless holiday

Holiday is almost over....... So sad.

My holiday is pretty pointless. I spent the day in front of my computer, did little homework and slept late and woke up late. Haih~

It's the second last day of the holiday and i still haven't finished my homework. I know i can do it now bt i dun wan to. Judging by me sitting in front of the computer (again) blogging, u can already know tht i'm a lazy person...
Bt i'll still finish my homework l8er.
PS my mom let me drink a bowl of bitter stuff which is SUPER BLACK when i was eating lunch today.(more like after lunch)

Late Post

I know it's Saturday, bt i wanna write a late post about thursday :)
Thursday is the day i went shopping wiv my besties, ST and WC. I woke up at 11:15a.m.!! I thought it was only 10 when i woke up. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and stepped out of the bathroom and take a look at the clock....11:15!!!! I brushed quickly and bathed.It's a good thing i've already chosed my clothes yesterday, i usually take forever to choose wad i'm gonna wear. Ate lunch, coz thr's no point to eat breakfast anymore.When i'm done(11:30), mom called me to go down. My sis juz woke up, i asked her to help me take my hoodie from the wardrobe bt she so stim and took out her own.Bt i took the rite one l8er. I was in such a hurry tht i took the wrong socks. I was supposed to take those for sneakers, instead i took those for sports. I even wore sneakers even though i planned to wear my nike.
Arrived at ST's house. Get in the car and went to fetch WC. She got in, said she liked my hoodie and bag. I like her's too, except the stripes. She wore a mini-skirt, i was kinda mad coz i'm afraid someone might FOLLOW us again. Bt i din scold her like how i did when i'm mad at my bro.
We go 'melepak' at Gurney b4 the movie. We went to the cinema too early so we have to wait outside, St saw those posters of scary movies, she was scared... So we go another place whr she can't see those scary posters.....
Finished watching Marlee and Me, a good movie. Bt it was kinda awkward coz most of the audiences were adults and we r juz tweens. PS the malay girl who sat beside me was annoying coz she keep SMS, good thing she changed to another place wiv her boyfren, or is it? I dun care. As long as she is gone, i'm DAMN happy.
Go to arcade, din feel like playing bt thy keep calling me to play so i play the car racing game. very fun lorh. WC also played the dancing game, bt u play it wiv ur hands, nt ur legs. ST tried playing it wiv juz waving her hands around. It was funny...
Went to POPULAR bookstore. Searched for the highlighter my sis wanted, bt din find it. SO i bought the eraser my bro wanted. Faber Castle. Nt exactly wad he wanted bt who cares.
Melepak again.
Begged WC to stay for dinner and she agreed, sort of. Went to A&W. Ordered food, nt so delicoius bt OK lah. ST couldn't finish her food coz it's too hard. Couldn't blame her coz she got braces. Donate money for the deaf and dumb, feel like we've been cheated. WC left, we left. Dad arrived late at ST's house. Go home, bathe. watch OnAir, online and i forgot the rest... T_T
PS. when we were walking around pointlessly, we went to S&J and bought two plush dolphines for our fren. I wanna buy one only bt thy prefer two. The price: 40 something!!! Bt it was Ok coz we shared the money. Bt i still very 'sim tia'.

Highlight the words u cnt see, thr seems to be a problem wiv this blog post everytime i customize my blog.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Our science teacher asked everyone in our class to do an experiment. Something about mould. U have to make the bread mouldy. I've been keeping my bread for EIGHTdays. It's super ewwy and GREEN. There's too much!!! I'm afraid the teacher would scold coz she said she dun wan too much, bt i cnt give it to her now coz it's HOLIDAY. I used to LOVE HOLIDAYS, bt now it kinda sux. No offense to holiday-lovers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taylor or Joe?

I think all of you know tht Joe Jonas broke up wiv Joe Jonas.....
And as u all know, he BROKE HER HEART....
He broke up with her through the phone, in juz 27 seconds!!!!(i think).
A guy like tht juz SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Worse, he act as if nothing happened!!!!!!
What a JERK.....
I noe this is old news,bt, who do u support?
The jerk, Joe Jonas or Taylor Swift?


Yay!!! I bought a hoodie from a shop name extreme. The shop so damn scary, rili dark....
Tht's why i'm always nervous when i go in thr. The purse thr also very nice bt my mom sure wun buy for me, tht's why i keep quiet.
Anyways, dun wan to write anymore, i wanna watch ON AIR.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seperate Blog Posts

I changed my template and header. It's so obvious coz u can see it when u r reading this.
Anyways, I juz visited Selena's myspace and she has this rili nice song called 'Sweet Sweet Sound' by Sarah Reeves. Go listen to it. I bet u'll LOVE it.
I cried juz now coz my mom said tht i cnt go shopping wiv ST and WC. Then, she called her mom and my mom AGREED to let me go. YAY!!!!!!!!
Rite now, i'm bored. I cnt do my homework coz my notebook tht has details of my homework is missing. Cnt study coz i wrote all my notes in my notebook and it's LOST!!!!!

Watching 'Boys Before Flowers' , a korean drama. Juz found out tht JM is in the hospital!!!! This is incredibly shocking. She got admitted to the hospital coz she got fever. I feel sorry for her..:( T_T I really hope she is gonna be OK. Bt i guess she'll be coz she was online, chating wiv me, bt only for a while. Well, my sis juz went out wiv my mom to Queensbay. Actually, my mom only went out to drop her at Queensbay, my bro juz follow for fun. B4 she went out, she asked whether she can use my bag or not, i said no, bt she USED it anyway. This is wad i h8 about her.
I slept at the evening after eating an apple.(An apple a day keeps a doctor away mah) I woke up at 8 and i checked my phone for messages and i found out tht Ruby sms me THREE times. I dun wan to reply him coz lazy.... Everytime sms the same thing. Lame. My mom is making muffins!!! Yay! Blueberry muffins, to be specific.This time, she added some toppings or icings or wadeva thy call them. She put TOO MUCH at the first time, then she try it again and i'm nt sure if it's gonna be alright coz i'm still waiting for it to come out from the oven.Hope it will be nice.
P.S. I seperate them with dotted lines coz i write them at different time,bt same day. I also chnged the title from Sweet Sweet Sound to Seperate Blog Posts.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


When i woke up this morning, my parents told my sis tht her Nike was stolen. She was sad and cried. Normally, my mom would scold her for nt taking care of it, bt she didn't say anything. Weird. Then, my dad told her tht it wasn't stolen. He hid it so my sis would learn to appreciate her own stuff. I thought it was pretty lame though.......
An indian guy which delivers newspaper came and gave me the bill thingy bt my parents aren't home so i told him my mom is bathing. Rite now, i'm still waiting for my mom. She went out to buy dinner. I'm hungry........T_T


A pic of GKMY i took wiv my phone.
Sry u cnt see her face, i'll try to take a picture of her face. WC, u can post this pic in ur blog. The girl with the bag is Jo-Wyn, the girl who beat GKMY. You Rock!!!
A picture of KON!!!
My sister's specs
My new bag(nt exactly)

My teddies!!!
the white one is mine,the darker one is my bro's.


My sister's Nike.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I brought my phone to school

So i brought my phone to school today for two reasons. One: I have to stay back bt i'm nt sure if thr is English Quiz, if i have my phone, i can contact my mom so i dun hv to use WC's phone again.... And i dun hv to hug her and said 'i love u' like last time.(i was so happy tht i hugged her and said i love u. Happen a week ago, i think.) Two: Coz my frens ask me to.
Those idiot ppl keep asking wad is it even though thy sit in front of the teacher. I think the teacher already knew bt she juz kept quiet. Then,WC played wiv my phone under her desk and Zini turned her body to the back and her head is facing down, which makes it so obvious.So i told her nt to do tht.Shinny wanna noe about the trip to Queensbay so i sms my sis in the toilet, Tjin Hui and Shinny was thr. Then, we heard someone in the toilet. So we let the pipe leaked some water out to create some 'effect' and flushed the toilet. Bt my sis din reply, we go back to class.
English lesson. I moved my chair to the back and talk. Ah Sir gave us see our English marks. I gt only 86. T_T. Bt Jo wyn beat GKMY so YAY!!!!! I am so happy for her. i 4got how much she got bt she is definitely better than GKMY. GKMY was mad and we told her she's nt the Queen (of English) and we also said she's jealous.
I took out my phone and took pictures and ended up deleting all of them. I tried to take a pic of GKMY. She tried to grab my phone bt failed. She ended up getting my glasses. When she walked away, i secretly took a pic of her back, she has a big butt.....
Anyways, i'll try to post the pic up here nxt time. When i gt home, i found out my screen(phone) was dirty!!!! NO!!!!! I wun bring it again.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My idols

Smiley Miley with a positive attitude:

with her bestie Mandy:

their webshow :

Demi Lovato, the girl who doesn't give up:

Selena, Demi's BFF. I dun rili like her bt she's Demi's fren so i thought i should giv her a chance

with her cousin, Brandon.

Plus, Selena's myspace is the best compare to Demi and Miley coz she updates it herself while Demi and Miley doesn't update it themselves, their company controls it.

Taylor Swift, the girl with an amazing voice:

Wad happened today.

Ah Koay let us noe our BM marks. I was so happy coz i got an A for my Karangan. I hardly ever get an A for Kaangan coz my BM juz sucks.... I was kinda freaking out when i saw my marks. Bt i din show it coz if i do, teacher might think i'm crazy n minus my marks. B4 school started, teacher asked me to collect everyone's 'diary', it's a book for school which u can make it ur diary, bt u must follow the format, nt create ur own fancy and funky ones. And when we have to go to our 'morning class', it's when we have short lessons on one subject, this time, it's BM, i haven't finish collecting them and only had 4....SO i took them down to the office for the teacher. Good thing she was talking wiv anothr teacher so she wun ask me wad happened.

Our form teacher asked me to copy an essay down(i'm actually copying down my own essay, nt othrs). Recess, i tried talking to WC bt it din work. I gave up coz i'm frustrated and coz i noe tht it's my fault tht this is happening. So i'm actually kinda mad at myself. And when i saw her again, i cnt take it anymore so i told her she's stubborn and she said thx. OMG cnt believe i said tht. On my way to class, i was so upset i din even bother to look at him. This is weird.
Boring lessons continue. Then, we went to the library. I asked my fren to help me return my books so i can surf the web. I went to Sony Ericsson first, then i opened a wikipedia page juz in case teacher comes in.(we're nt allowed to visit sites unless thy r educational, so lame).
Then, i was bored so i went to coz the boys were also asking me about the site so i figured i should go too. Then, GT came in so i let her read the blog while i return my books coz my fren,Zini needed to go see the teacher. After returning my books i still have to find books so i can borrow them. Actually, we're kinda forced.
When i finished everything i went into the computer room again.Many ppl were gathered around the computer which i let GT took control of it. Thy went to the blog again. I kept reminding them to delete the history after visiting the site. I helped the JT to delete history, he is such an idiot. He doesn't even noe the existence of 'history' in the computer. Haih~
The 'librarian' saw us and told the teacher. The teacher was on her way to the computer room so i quickly ran out, grab a book, took off my ribbon and went to the corner and pretend to read. Haha. The teacher went in and checked the 'history'. Thy din delete it...... And when she was searching for bad stuff in the history, GKMY pointed at the blog and asked the teacher to click it. Grr... i hate her. SHe didn't know about the blog,bt i bet she'll go search for the blog when she's home. It wun be tht hard since her sis IS A HACKER. The boys gt in trouble coz thy haven't close the window of the othr blogs thy visited. The teacher haven't seen the blog yet coz of slow internet connection. Yay!!! Bt maybe she'll check the 'recycle bin' coz all histories tht are deleted will be sent to the 'recycle bin'. Shit. We planned on going thr again and delete the history which is still stuck in 'recycle bin'.
Back to class, ST said i can bring home Kon for today!!! Yay! And WC told ST tht she forgive me!!!!!!!!!! YAYYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!!! JY had a Mentos Container bt is actually empty. So he put staple and paper in it to create an effect- when u shake it, u hear sounds,u might think it is Mentos bt it is actually paper and staple. we left it in his school drawer and hope tht the stud little kids will fall for it. MUAHAHA. Then, i took Kon wiv me and said i wanna go throw rubbish. ST was shocked coz she thought i wanna throw KON! LOL. I would nvr do tht. I juz took Kon wiv me and let Kon kiss WC's cheek. haha. Our teacher actually said 'So lame'. How cool is tht? Everyone in class clapped.

PS i din go to the 色队 practice. Hope teacher wun know. If she does, i'm DEAD MEAT.

One of the best days in my life.

Today is one of the best days in my life. The reason: WC forgive me!!!!
This isn't the best day of my life coz i have othr bez days, like when i gt my phone, when i found out i'm going to 4a1(long time ago), when ST forgive me n othrs. I wanted to thank WC for forgiving me even thought i've been a horrible friend. I LOVE U FOR FORGIVING ME!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sonny with a chance

Sonny with a chance. I LOVE THAT SHOW! You guys should watch it! Seriously, i mean it. Anyways, i think u guys will love it.
Even though i'm a Hannah Montana fan, i still love this show!!!! Haha.
Today is a holiday and me and my friends planned to online together at 4pm. It's 4.45 now. They are still online bt i dun feel like chating wiv them. I wanna watch Sonny n play games from the Disney website. I noe i'm a bad friend for ditching them bt i rili wanna watch Sonny.
Btw, I'm playing the Sonny quiz and it's damn hard.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My new blog

Hey! I juz wanna let u guys know tht i've created another blog called
I created this coz i thought maybe a new blog wiv no data can support a template from pyzam or blogskins. I Bt i still failed. This blog cnt, the othr one also cnt. Haih....
Anyways, since i've two blogs. I'll juz use both. I'll still update this blog and I'll also use the othr one. Haha. I know, i'm a weirdo.


I went to Gurney juz now.
U might think it's fun, nt it not. We actually plan to go at nite bt my parents suddenly changed their mind and tht's why we went in the morning and came back in the afternoon.
We drop my sis at her tuition centre coz umm....she has tuition? (duh) Then, we went to Gurney.Haha. I was happy coz i can take my NEW bag and wear my NEW shoes(din get the chance to wear it during CNY).T_T. My dad dropped us at gurney and i'm nt sure whether he went to another place or went searching for parking. We went window-shopping. It was kinda boring. My mom say this shop tht sells makeup.They are having a promotion,so thy hv this place whr they help customers makeup with the promotional items. The theme was 'Hello Kitty'. Theme colour:Balck and pink.Cool, bt i dun do makeup. Went to A&W and i ordered a supreme hotdog which comes wiv fries and root bear(wiv ice-cream in it). The hotdog was small and i noticed some writing on the fries' bag. It say's something like 'more than the usual' or blah blah.... WTF, i mean they say 'more' bt it's only a little.
My sis arrived. We went to Elle. Saw a nice jacket, mom says too expensive. Saw a T-shirt. I tried it on. Results: XS too small, S too big. WTF. Wad kind of body size is mine? I noticed the makeup counter AGAIN.This time, thr r more ppl. Coz two models were thr. The one wiv darker skin kinda looks like the real model of the product bt the blonde one looks ntg like it. I think the theme is 'sexy or sweet' The blonde one(actually wears a wig) dresses up lyk a doll in pink. Sweet. The one wiv darker skin dresses up as a cat. A black cat. With a pink ribbon. Sexy and a little sweet with the ribbon. Thr were ppl taking pics. Even PHOTOGRAPHERS were thr.
Thr was one parent who wants her daughter to take pic wiv the 'doll' bt her daughter cried. Maybe coz the model had too much makeup on. Scary....
Then, i walked away wiv my sis alone. We gt followed by a green-stripes-shirt guy. We keep RUNNING to different places to confuse him and we lost him. Then our mom came and he juz dissapeared. We also saw Zoanne when we were running n hiding in Somerset Bay. She was wiv her new frens. Indians or Malays. Nt sure. She changed a lot.
After tht, we left. I was home and i was so glad to be home. I watched Sonny with a chance while my sis was busy googling pictures of Sterling Knight. Or is it his name, i dunno and i dun care. Staying at home is better than shopping. Haha. I noe nt many ppl will agree wiv me. Especially my sis who is a shop-a-holic. Well, sort of.
Word of advice: Dnt wear too much makeup in case u scare little kids and dun walk alone coz thr might be someone following u. And if thr rili were someone following u, run to many different places to confuse him or her. And be alert if u're alone. If nt, u'll nvr noe whether thr is someone following u or nt......

Friday, March 6, 2009


I juz added a video playlist. Yay!
Anyways, exam ended TODAY! very happy, bt little sad coz i need to go to tuition l8er. Sux man.....
I also found out tht i cnt watch Kkotboda Namja coz the cast got accident and they juz resumed filming. T_T.
When we had the english exam, which is the last one. Everyone very happy coz when it ends, exam ends!Teacher Z talked wiv us during exam coz she knew all of us had finished doing. When the bell rung,everyone yay-ed. including me.
Then, Ruby said gt english quiz. So i had to ask wan chi to borrow me her phone to call my mummy. Hehe. We told teacher we wanna go toilet and we ran out of class. we went to the old toilet which is a store room now. Coz no one goes thr. I dialled the number and called my mom. When we walked back to class, i told WC tht breaking the rules is great sometimes. And i hugged her and said 'i love u' coz i was rili happy. When i said tht, some boys from 6a5 came out of class to grab their bags and looked at me weirdly, maybe they think i'm a lesbian. Haih......
When school ended, i hv to go tell my bro tht mom will fetch us and he doesn't hv to follow the teacher home. After tht, i wanna go to the office so i can find the teacher, bt she isn't thr. Halfway thr, i saw Ruby and Eunice. Turns out, thy were following me. Actually i noe Eunice followed me bt I din noe Ruby was thr too. I rushed to find the teacher and told her.THen, i have to walk a big round back to the class so i walk past the field. And the idiot teacher din notice. MUAHAHAHA. So i walked up to the class and Ruby said he wans to follow me coz thr's no one in class and he's afraid of ghost. Juz imagine, a guy afraid of GHOST?! Anyways, during the english quiz, i finished slower than usual coz i keep talking to G and the othrs. G also called SM a dwarf and he's rili mad. Haha. Well.......he is a dwarf.....


I made this video playlist at

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Day of EXAM!!!!!!

First day... Woohoo......
We need to sit for the BM exam and 数学exam. It's BM pemahaman, karangan then 数学. The pemahaman consider OK lah. Karangan easy lah. Bt i still scared i get B coz too easy is bad.Haha. Then, 数学i wrong a lot. Bt nvm lah, this is first exam of the year mah. Nt UPSR. hehe.
When exam finish, i went to the toilet.I walk past Ming Waiy's class and talk to her, i saw him.....
I walk back to class(duh). English lesson. YAY! Ah sir let us do our revision bt everyone juz talk and tell Ah sir tht they are discussing. Eunice and YS and the othrs were colouring their nails wiv GLITTER PENS?! Weird. No offense, bt the colours they choose and match them together were ugly. And to Eunice, silver isn't a nice colour to put on ur nails. Sry if i hurt ur feelings.
At 科学lesson, teacher Z was in a good mood and joked a lot. After tht, we get our report cards coz the teacher wan us to write our marks in a piece of weird paper. The school no money already coz the paper used to be like a card, a yellow one.
XM told me tht YL said i'm 帅. WTF?! I mean, i'm a GIRL!! Nt a BOY!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


My bro gt 蛀牙so he need to go to the dentist. Haha. Syok. Who call him dun brush teeth everyday leh.... Gosh, i'm evil. He was kinda happy when mom said he doesn't need to go to tuition coz he need to go to the dentist. Bt my dad called and said dat u cnt go to the dentist at nite n i dunno y.
At school, i keep going to toilet so i can talk wiv WC AND ST. They say i leave them alone too much. I juz wanna say i'm sorry and i wun leave u guys too alone again.
Today, XM brought the BESTA to school. Bt no game. So lame. I also told them i'll bring NDS nxt time.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lee Min Jung

I was googling and i found out my Korean name. It's nt accurate bt here it is: Kwon Sung Young. I dun rili lyk it bt nvm..

Then, turns out dat the jogging trip is cancelled. Felt relief coz tht's my normal mom who cancels trip lyk this. If she doesn't cancel, i might think tht is nt my mom. MAYBE AND ALIEN! Haha.

Anyways, I was googling again. And i found some pics of Lee Ming Jung. She is pretty and awesome. She CUT her beautiful long hair so tht she suits the role.

Here are pics of her wiv long hair:

Her with and without makeup, can u guess which?

And here are pics of her wiv short hair.

She looks PRETTY!!

Music Playlist

Yay! I just created a music playlist without someone else's help!
Haha. I juz watched Taylor's vlog, pretty weird. I also saw some pics of Hillary Duff, Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift together! It's actually a photoshoot,nt them hanging out 2gether.
I'm bored. I finished reading maths, gonna read othrs l8er. My mom wants to go jogging wiv me l8er. This is weird. She nvr wants to do dat....
P.S something rili shocking happened yesterday. If u wanna noe, email me.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey! There's something I want to tell u guys. When u lyk someone or maybe ur crushing on someone u dun noe. Don't think of it as painful when tht person doesn't lyk u. Think of it as a sweet experience. Coz it really is sweet when u lyk someone. Plus, u must have the courage to tell the person u lyk him so u wun regret when u won't see him. Even if he rejects u, at least u've already told him. If u haven't, u'll juz regret and u'l' nvr noe whether he lyks u or nt.

This didn't really happened to me, i juz thought of it when i heard Fish Leong's song and she kinda said something lyk dat in a show.


Yay! I finished reading std 4 科学! Bt i haven't read the activity book or the papers our teacher gave us.
Well, I found out how to shake control my handphone!Yay...
I was l8 when i arrived at school. Well, nt exactly late, bt technically. I ran into the classroom, put my bag, grab my book and ran to the hall. I was halfway thr and Pn J.L asked me to go in quickly and the PK2 just nod. Good thing thy din ask me to stand by the door. The BM teacher scold two boys bloody fools.HOW RUDE. It's was quite funny though.
We went to the high school field and saw my sis. Dunno if i should say 'YAY' or not. We played badminton and basketball, u can choose. I chose badminton and played for a while. Bt then, GKMY 'racquet-nap' my racquet so i cnt play. I went to talk wiv WC and ST. She told me who she likes. And of coz' i told her too.
I have to run around the school to find my bro, h8 him.... Bt the good news is, i get to see 'him' coz i'm late. Haha. Btw, saw 'him' a lot today.
P.S I saw Soon Fat when i was halfway to school. She was stuck in the jam too.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've been rili busy these days. I hv to sudy for the exam. I juz on the computer coz i wanna go check out fansites. And, of coz, i updated my blog.
Today, we have this caligraphy competition. I wrote a little bit and found out that i haven't bring down the science notebook so i ran down. The teacher asked us why i bring down so late. Then, she asked me whr are the papers she gave us yesterday. I thought we already passed up so i said so. Bt she said she din hv it. So, i hv to run up again and collect them. Bt everyone dun care and continue writing. Bt when i said the whole class will gt scolded, everyone passed up. I ran back to my place to continue writing. Wrote wrong one word. Asked ah sir to giv me another new paper. He agreed. I wrote quickly and continue collecting the papers.When i gv the teacher, she asked me if i hv finished writing and i said yes. Then, she entered the class. She damn scary. Bt sometimes, she's good. I'm sure everyone in the class will hate me if i said she is nice. Haha. Well, that's all. Gonna check out fansites and off the comp.

Monday, February 23, 2009

GKMY is the president.

Today, the Ah Sir wanna choose the president, secreatary or wadeva of the english quiz club. I'm nt even sure if it is a club.
When the teacher asked us who wants to be president,she said she wants to be even though i said Jo Xing is better. Then, she said dat we need to giv her a chance coz JX is president in every club. GKMY is incredibly STUD to think dat JX is president in everything. Idiot. So, Ah Sir chose GKMY coz thy get along pretty well. GKMY always talk to him when she's lonely. Weirdo. If u lonely, make some frens lorh, y need to talk to teacher.
Anyways, I threw her book. YAY! And she was evil to show the note that ST wrote, to the teacher. And ST said ppl who are stupid turns to the teacher for help(i think she said it like dat, i cnt remember) Bt teacher din punish ST. YAY!
At the school assembly, the teacher gave the all the monitor a new ribbon. I received it and immediately think eww, coz very ugly and big. Like Minnie's ribbon. Haha.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I posted a blog post about Saturday, bt it's only about Saturday evening, nt morning. I was at school in the morning. School started at 8, bt i hv to go thr b4 7 coz of a math class or wadeva it's called. I'm lazy to write about the rest of Saturday so go read blogs of othr ppl who goes to the same school wiv me. If u dunno who, e-mail me and i'll tell u.
Ntg special actually happened today. Except for me doing revision for a few hours bt only read three topics coz i keep thinking about othr stuff. Then, gt bored of reading and lay down. Then, i read newspaper and my bro begged me to go back to the room coz it's raining heavily and he's scared. Scaredy cat. He left after that for badminton lessons.So, i on the computer and go read celebrity gossip. I put my computer on standby mode so i can go watch Hannah Montana. Played wiv my bro's guitar, sing some lines of the choir songs. It's nice coz i actually know this song. The choir usually sings weird songs i've nvr heard of. I went back to room, chat wiv Zini, watch Miley and Mandy show, read my besties' blog, update my own blog. My mom came home and said she bought me jogging shoe and school shoe, i tried on the jogging one bt too small, the school shoe is juz nice. I'm gonna shut off the computer after i finish writing this blog so that i could do my revision...

My eyes hurt

My eyes hurt. Guess it's coz i cried too much yesterday.
That's rite, i cried. Even someone who smiles all the time in school actually cried.
It all started when i came back from tuition yesterday. I get in the car n my bro showed me my sis' new phone. It's W910. I was shocked, mad and sad. It's the phone i actually wanted at first, bt my mom said no so i bought W580i. So when we were at my grandma's house, i cnt control bt cried. It's nt coz i rili wan dt phone, it's juz dat i gt TOO emotional and cried. As a matter of fact, I'm nt even sure y i cried. And the weirdest thing is dat i cnt stop. I juz keep crying and crying. My grandma keep telling me tht if u cry, ur eyes will hurt the nxt day. She was RIGHT.My eyes do hurt. At last, i stopped crying and we went to fetch my sis. Then, we go out for dinner at a restaurant called Passions of Kerala. Nt sure if it serves Indian Food or Thai cuisine. We finished eating dinner without our mom coz she's at another place for a company dinner. We went to a shop called Nice Day. My siswas searching for accessories for her new phone. I went to look for bags even though i dun usually do dat coz i dun lyk them. Bt i saw one dat is nice. I mean, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS.. Gosh, i'm turning into GKMY, coz she always says gorgeous.Haha. SO, my sis called my mom and asked if i can buy it. My mom said yes and we bought it. YAY. Dun feel sad anymore.
Woke up this morning found out my sis phone can use internet. Mine also can bt need to register first. T_T. Good thing i played wiv her phone. Coz when i was, I found out that i like mine better. YAy me!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taylor is on the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine

Taylor is on the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine! :) Just told u guys about this even though i knew it a few days ago. Anyways, I'm reading two ppl's blog now. Wan Chi and Taylor. I was visiting her myspace and saw something totally meaningful. Here thy r:
"We still wish, though, because sometimes thy come true...." This is from Grey's Anatomy. Taylor posted it on her myspace coz she's a big fan of it.
"We wish because we need help and we're scared and we know we may be asking too much." I don't think this is from Grey's Anatomy, maybe it's a Taylor original.

Friday, February 20, 2009

English quiz

A really boring school day before recess. Then, it gets not-so-boring after recess. After recess, it's art lesson and I dun have to do anything coz I'll have to go to choir l8er. YAY!
Bt I'm YAY-ing coz i dun have to do my art project, nt bcoz i can go to choir... JY also hates it. I was planning on quiting bt I also wan to go sometimes. When I arrive at the choir room, JY was only at the hall, haven't even arrive yet. And I was totally shocked when I saw the teacher. Wanna noe y?She CUT HER HAIR! Bt i think she looks great, even better than the long hair. PLus, she was talking with wormy and i think thy were flirting.Haha.
And then, we practice and practice then go back to class. English lesson. YAY! We joke around and laugh a lot coz Ah sir doesn't bother that much. Riiing.. everyone rushes out the class and prepares to go home,bt I'm nt coz i'm staying back today for English Quiz. On my way to the canteen, i walk past 'him'. He's staying back too, bt nt for english quiz(he's nt that smart).
At the canteen, Grace was thr with her 'layered tupperware'. SHe has eggs, veggie,grapes and mangoes. All organic. Yesterday, she ate papayas even though she said that papayas make ur boobs look big.Weirdo. Then, Ruby keeps coming to our table to grab G's grapes. G also told me who she likes.
Go the 6a9 for quiz. Finished doing the worksheet very fast bt only got 88. I played 'tug n war' wiv Ruby using a cane. Haha. We keep pulling and pulling till we ran out of class. I fell... Bt i get back up and continue pulling. A computer teacher saw us and she stood thr staring at us wiv a bad look on her face. So we stopped, bt nt exactly coz we continue playing in the class. I won so Ruby took my bottle. I chased him and spotted G's crush walking past our class. I told G bt she didn't care coz she playing hard-to-get.Again.I h8 it when she does dat.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Guess what day is today? THURSDAY! U'RE RIGHT! It's thursday, a stud day coz gt 色队练习. But the good news is that b4 the 色队练习, it was a good day in school, plus thr is just little HW. At 图书馆节we went to the library's computer room and we saw YL serving the net. We search weird stuff lyk and thr rili is a He also went to eunice's blog. Then, he want to go to my blog bt i said no. Bt we were too loud so the teacher came in and warned us nt to be noisy and she aslso suspect that we searched some uneducational stuff. Then, b4 放学 YL showed us the chamelon that has BIG eyes and said that it is 'someone' cnt say who dat person is. Haha. The chamelon was actually a picture, nt a real one.
色队练习: Rili hot. We 跳高first. The first time i juz run towards thr and stopped and asked how to jump, the guy thr answered me and said use ur leg to jump.SWT. Wad a stupid answer.So, i hv to jump again. Second time, my leg hit the pole, and i lied down on the mattress, and I feel lyk a BURNING CHICKEN! Bt the teacher wasn't happy and call us to jump again. Then, teacher realized that all the girls are hopeless in this thing so she asked another teacher to take us to 跳远. Bt she let us run first. After finish running, the T told us that we are nt bad already, at least we can run 100m within 12 seconds, and i whispered to Zini saying that the teacher which is our science teacher is talking about speed. Everything science one this teacher. Then, we dun need to 跳远 coz time out already. YAY! Bt i hv to help teacher 'catch' the 5th one who was running. Bt thy were too many and fast so i cnt 'catch' them. Hehe. Then, no more lorh. Get in the car and found out that the McDonald my mom bought was in the car bt my bro is eating the fries and he already finished the coke. Only gt burger left.NO!!!!!! Stud bro......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2 episodes in a row!

Yay, I get to watch two episodes of a show i cnt tell u bt it's nt porn...
I just finish my homework. Well, sort of. I still have to write my nilam, which reminds me that i haven't buy the new one, so i have to go buy it tomorrow. Shit. Then, I still have to study for the ejaan, do tuition homework, watch the 2 eps, read the UPSR stuff or wadeva it's called. I guess that includes my schedule.Let's get back to the subject about wad happen in school. Today, teahcer changed our place. Zini went away and Pei Xi is sitting wiv me now. I hate it bt i dun blame teacher coz it's actually my fault that we changed places. Durng music lesson, Puan J wanted us to try the drums. GKMY tried bt i think she did badly. I forgot who tried nxt, bt i remembered who played them well. Yong Liang n Jing Yan. I think JY did better. I also rmb RJ playing the drum. the way she holds the drum stick was hilarious. Haha. Before the drums, we sang a song tht sounds lyk this: Val De Ree Val De Ra. I luv it coz it has my name, Val. Then, we went back to class for English. Me and WC laughed a lot. Then, YL sang this weird song that says he's cool and pro. I changed it to a GKMY version. Oh, and did i mention dat i tried to pinched her face bt failed coz it's too oily and my hand slipped away? She said that she had cream on her face.Weirdo. Then, after the 'hell-ish' lesson, me and WC went to the toilet without asking the teacher. When i get back to class i gt scolded by the teacher for nt wearing my ribbon. T_T bt i dun feel hurt or anything. Haha.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's ur first kiss, it's flawless, it's rili something. it's Fearless.... Listening to Taylor's Swift's song Fearless. Love it. Even though the song is about love being fearless, i think of it as a song that's about life and u have to be fearless to get something u want. It's kinda stupid that i think of it that way.....Bt who cares.
Now, let's talk about Taylor Swift. I love her coz she's awesome, her songs are inspirations from her life. She's a great song-writer. Bt i noticed all of her songs are about love, mostly about her heart broken. Anyways, juz go listen to her songs. If u r a girl thinking if u should go back together wiv a guy that dumped u before, listen to her song 'White Horse' it's about coming back to reality. If u r a girl that is in love, listen to 'Love Story' And if u're heart broken or crushing on someone now, juz go listen to the rest of the songs. Well, I guess tht's it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I cnt control myself

Gosh, I on the computer even though i 下定决心 to on it once in two days. Haha. I guess that's juz me.
Let's see wad happened today. I went to school and we talked about ppl's blogs. YL said he's gonna help me make a C-box. I wonder if he's rili gonna do it or maybe he's juz gonna hack my blog... If he does, i'll kill him. I'm serious... Then, we need to go the hall. We saw the std 1 kids thr getting injections. Almost all of them cried and shout. One of them shouted in a high-pitched voice, I think she should join the choir.... And then another one ran to the back of the hall. Smart kid. Everyone was so nervous coz thy thought thy were gonna get injections too. Turns out that we dun need to! Yay....:) The nurse said some stuff about how bad it is if u smoke and the othr person who stands near the person will die earlier. If u ask me y, I dunno how to answers coz i didn't listen carefully.Then, recess lorh. After recess we went to hall (again) to have a health check or wadever. The nurse didn't said i'm too fat or too thin. Those who r too thin have to eat those unknown pills. Even though the nurse didn't comment on my weight, she did asked me to cut my finger nails....Then, after othr lessons, gt 周会. When the 周会 ended, I left the hall too fast, didn't get to see 'that person'. T_T

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My dad threw away my book!

It's another blog post... ON THE SAME DAY.
Today is kind of a pointless day. I woke up early and thought that i can do a lot of stuff. But the only not-so-pointless stuff i did today were only homework and updating my blog.Then, i fell asleep and woke up at 5.20p.m. I rushed out of the room to watch Hannah Montana. Only gt to watch a little..T_T. Then, i feel lyk studying so i go to the 'library' bt it's actually a room that stores book.SWT.But i cnt find my book. So i called my mom for help,bt we still cnt find it. Then, my mom thought that maybe she already threw it away.I was so mad and sad. THen, i found out tht it was actually my dad who threw it. Grr... Bt he doesn't rili feel bad or anything, it was my mom tht feels bad. So, to make i up to me, mom wanna go buy 参考书for me. Even though i din rili wan, i said yes. Then, she asked if i wanna go and i said no. Then, she asked again if i wan the Coffee Bean Belgium Chocolate ice-blend and of course i said yes. Haha. Rite now, i'm still waiting for them to come back....

What if the tiara fits?

Are you a girl who doesn’t feel perfect and nothing special happens to you often or you always feel ugly? If u say yes , then have you ever wonder how it feels like if you can be a princess? I mean what if the tiara fits and you are a PRINCESS?

Gosh, cnt believe I wrote something that 'deep'. Haha. And if u wonder did this really happen to me, i would say no. I just thought of this when I saw a blogger template from a website.


Hi. I just joined blogger yesterday and i didn't make an 'intro' blog. So, here it is.
I'm only 12 and I lyk to laugh,a lot. I LOVE to wear sneakers, trousers(coz i hate skirts or dresses). My best friends are Wan Chi, Eunice, Zini, Shin Thong and maybe more coz i can't rili remember. I'm currently in 6A1 and i'm gonna sit for a big exam called UPSR bt i hvn't started reading it coz i juz cnt concentrate. I love to read mangas especially shonen mangas lyk Naruto and D.Gray-Man even though I'm a girl. I eat a lot bt i dun lyk to go jogging, swimming or wadeva. Which is why I'm nt in a great figure and I'm nt fit. Haha. Well, I guess that's it.Keep checking in for more.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today's v-day bt i still HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL coz 补课. stupid.... Well, bt it's nt bad to me coz i DUN celebrate v-day. i'm mad coz i cnt rest at home. Haha. Anyways, today is the art competition. THe title is ‘’一场梦'' which means 'a dream' I drew pigs flying, a cute ghost and a pontianak on the tree. I personally lyk the 'pontianak' coz it's so cute bt i ruin it with my horrible painting skills. Then, when i almost finish, XM and WC came by and 'help' me draw. I lyk the smiley face she drew on my tree bt then XM overlap it wiv paint. Stupid. THen, WC started going crazy n draw my PIG! I LOVE THAT pig. BUt it was okay coz i lyk the picture we all 'put together' . It was ugly bt i lyk it. DUnno why. WHo cares? I wun win anyway. then, i saw G's drawing, she drew pumpkins. YEs, PUMPKINS . I mean, does she think it's Halloween? Wad an idiot. THe, i saw XM's drawing, i kinda lyk it even though it's 'ugly'. I allow WC to play wiv my painting tools and ended up making a HUGE MESS. Now, bac to the subject. Let's see, othr ppl's drawing. ST draw KON from Bleach, JY draw a rili scary MONSTER, Rubern draw a girl singing. Weird. Then, i started taking a 'walk' around the school.THen, go home.duh.
I kinda lyk today even though i hv to go to school.