Thursday, April 16, 2009

WC finally got on9

WC finally got online!!! I'm so happy, and she also updated her blog. She hasn't update it for a long time. And lately, not many ppl updated their blog too. Wanna know why? I dunno why, maybe it's bcoz it's not 'blogging season'.... Lol

There's a weird person called 'PaWnAgE' that keeps writing lyrics and put in my CBox. He added me on MSN and i still dunno who is he. But ST is going to show me who is he tomorrow. Yay. Coz i h8 strangers or mystery people that doesn't show their names.

PS today was werid coz two strangers added me and one was incredibly weird. SHe asked me : DO you like ** ?
I said no and she was happy coz she likes the person. And she added me just to ask me this. Weird. Well, Good Luck, maybe he'll like u back.
My 'friend' also sent me a link and i saw photos of our sports day! I saw Grace, KE, YS, WJ, YL and many more. Interesting, nvr thought tht a teacher would upload pictures on the web.

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