Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A punishment?

Over half of the class went out to practice for sports day except for us(my besties). B4 they went out, the teacher came to our class and asked to see 5 ppl. Me, wc, yl, wj, st. I think you know who are they. The teacher just called me, she told me that we have to go see the teacher at 9:40a.m.
And i have to tell others. Why ME?! I hate it, so troublesome.
After that, i told the others and did my homework and talked with my frenz. Then, the bell rang. We have to go to the computer room. I used to hate it, bt i actually like it today coz teacher won't teach anything (czo only few ppl left) and we get to be in a air-conditioned room. Yay!
9:40 - went down to see the teacher, she asked us to give out the 画报 and then she gets serious. She asked where is the demerit book and i have to run up to the class and get it. But guess wad? It's NOT THERE coz the stud boy monitor din bring it up and i have run back down ti the office coz the book is there. I hate him. The teacher asked us to sign in the book and can only go back to the office once we're done. We went back in when we're done. She said that she didn't know wad to write inside the 'wad wrong did the student did' column coz wad we did wrong wasn't in the code written at the front page. After the 'discussion' she did wiv the our form teacher, thy demerit us 1 mark. Bt wan chi gt 2 marks. Is this our punishment? It's actually better than i expect. Normally, if u do something like this, u'll get demerit 3 marks or more. U might get hit or something worse. Well, i'm glad tht this is just the punishment.....

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