Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Header

I decided to change my header into something else so i click the 'edit' button and start to search for pictures. I saw a nice picture and click it. I didn't really wanted it as a header but i clicked it anyway. I changed my blog title and description. Then, i click view blog. I saw the picture i chose. The girl is pretty bt i don't like the center part which is white and blank!
So i wanna change it. I click edit and 'remove image' bt the picture only gt 'removed' for a few seconds only and reappear l8r. I keep clicking it bt it's still the same... Grrr... Stupid blogger. SO many problems. A few days ago, there's a problem on my profile views and now there's a problem with my header! FYI, the profile view prob isn't solve yet.

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