Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour

Yay! Today is March 28! And i'm gonna off my lights at 8.30 coz it's Earth Hour. Plz off ur lights too and support this 'Earth Hour' campaign or wadever u called it. Plus, we do it to SAVE THE EARTH.
WC din come to school today, i know it's Saturday bt all the std 6 student has to go to school for tuition coz of the UPSR. Stud. I noe. Well, i dunno write all about wad happened in school today coz i noe nt many ppl would like to sit down and listen to me blab about my life. I'll juz make it short. We changed our places in school, teacher din mind. All the scouts, st john and girl guides had to go down to practice our marching. I told teacher i dun wan n she said nvm so i go back to class. I went to toilet and saw him. I also saw the person G likes and i told her. She said 'He's GORGEOUS!!' or something like dt. LOL , bt kinda disgusting. PS if u're reading this, i think teacher heard u saying tht he's gorgeous.
My sis and her fren Yong Fei was waiting at the bench in my school when school ended. I mean the 'tuition'. I sat bside my sis when she talked away wiv her fren. She also saw G. My sis was drinking the milkshake(i think) and i WANT!. I planned to go and buy wiv ST after school bt my mom arrived d and i dun hv money to buy. Haih~
Went to fetch my bro and cousin at Ms Gan. I had to walk up the stairs n take them down. Saw Ms Gan, my bro told her i left his book on the bed and tht's y he din bring. Idiot. It's only technically true. Go home. Eat lunch. WC sent me a of sms when i was still in school. I replied her and click send. Juz when i click send, my phone rang, she called. She told me about Kl and how she wanna surprise ST and failed.LOL. SHe also said tht she was ALONE in the hotel when she phoned me. Scary.... I would be scared if i were her.
P.S. i wanna thank Whitney for following me. You ROCK!!


  1. Chea Yuen. My sis friend. Rmb? the one who goes to camp with G and doesn't like her.