Sunday, March 8, 2009


I went to Gurney juz now.
U might think it's fun, nt it not. We actually plan to go at nite bt my parents suddenly changed their mind and tht's why we went in the morning and came back in the afternoon.
We drop my sis at her tuition centre coz umm....she has tuition? (duh) Then, we went to Gurney.Haha. I was happy coz i can take my NEW bag and wear my NEW shoes(din get the chance to wear it during CNY).T_T. My dad dropped us at gurney and i'm nt sure whether he went to another place or went searching for parking. We went window-shopping. It was kinda boring. My mom say this shop tht sells makeup.They are having a promotion,so thy hv this place whr they help customers makeup with the promotional items. The theme was 'Hello Kitty'. Theme colour:Balck and pink.Cool, bt i dun do makeup. Went to A&W and i ordered a supreme hotdog which comes wiv fries and root bear(wiv ice-cream in it). The hotdog was small and i noticed some writing on the fries' bag. It say's something like 'more than the usual' or blah blah.... WTF, i mean they say 'more' bt it's only a little.
My sis arrived. We went to Elle. Saw a nice jacket, mom says too expensive. Saw a T-shirt. I tried it on. Results: XS too small, S too big. WTF. Wad kind of body size is mine? I noticed the makeup counter AGAIN.This time, thr r more ppl. Coz two models were thr. The one wiv darker skin kinda looks like the real model of the product bt the blonde one looks ntg like it. I think the theme is 'sexy or sweet' The blonde one(actually wears a wig) dresses up lyk a doll in pink. Sweet. The one wiv darker skin dresses up as a cat. A black cat. With a pink ribbon. Sexy and a little sweet with the ribbon. Thr were ppl taking pics. Even PHOTOGRAPHERS were thr.
Thr was one parent who wants her daughter to take pic wiv the 'doll' bt her daughter cried. Maybe coz the model had too much makeup on. Scary....
Then, i walked away wiv my sis alone. We gt followed by a green-stripes-shirt guy. We keep RUNNING to different places to confuse him and we lost him. Then our mom came and he juz dissapeared. We also saw Zoanne when we were running n hiding in Somerset Bay. She was wiv her new frens. Indians or Malays. Nt sure. She changed a lot.
After tht, we left. I was home and i was so glad to be home. I watched Sonny with a chance while my sis was busy googling pictures of Sterling Knight. Or is it his name, i dunno and i dun care. Staying at home is better than shopping. Haha. I noe nt many ppl will agree wiv me. Especially my sis who is a shop-a-holic. Well, sort of.
Word of advice: Dnt wear too much makeup in case u scare little kids and dun walk alone coz thr might be someone following u. And if thr rili were someone following u, run to many different places to confuse him or her. And be alert if u're alone. If nt, u'll nvr noe whether thr is someone following u or nt......

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  1. haha! sterling knight handsome hor?(question to venetia, not you)