Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Day of EXAM!!!!!!

First day... Woohoo......
We need to sit for the BM exam and 数学exam. It's BM pemahaman, karangan then 数学. The pemahaman consider OK lah. Karangan easy lah. Bt i still scared i get B coz too easy is bad.Haha. Then, 数学i wrong a lot. Bt nvm lah, this is first exam of the year mah. Nt UPSR. hehe.
When exam finish, i went to the toilet.I walk past Ming Waiy's class and talk to her, i saw him.....
I walk back to class(duh). English lesson. YAY! Ah sir let us do our revision bt everyone juz talk and tell Ah sir tht they are discussing. Eunice and YS and the othrs were colouring their nails wiv GLITTER PENS?! Weird. No offense, bt the colours they choose and match them together were ugly. And to Eunice, silver isn't a nice colour to put on ur nails. Sry if i hurt ur feelings.
At 科学lesson, teacher Z was in a good mood and joked a lot. After tht, we get our report cards coz the teacher wan us to write our marks in a piece of weird paper. The school no money already coz the paper used to be like a card, a yellow one.
XM told me tht YL said i'm 帅. WTF?! I mean, i'm a GIRL!! Nt a BOY!!!!!!!!

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