Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wad happened today.

Ah Koay let us noe our BM marks. I was so happy coz i got an A for my Karangan. I hardly ever get an A for Kaangan coz my BM juz sucks.... I was kinda freaking out when i saw my marks. Bt i din show it coz if i do, teacher might think i'm crazy n minus my marks. B4 school started, teacher asked me to collect everyone's 'diary', it's a book for school which u can make it ur diary, bt u must follow the format, nt create ur own fancy and funky ones. And when we have to go to our 'morning class', it's when we have short lessons on one subject, this time, it's BM, i haven't finish collecting them and only had 4....SO i took them down to the office for the teacher. Good thing she was talking wiv anothr teacher so she wun ask me wad happened.

Our form teacher asked me to copy an essay down(i'm actually copying down my own essay, nt othrs). Recess, i tried talking to WC bt it din work. I gave up coz i'm frustrated and coz i noe tht it's my fault tht this is happening. So i'm actually kinda mad at myself. And when i saw her again, i cnt take it anymore so i told her she's stubborn and she said thx. OMG cnt believe i said tht. On my way to class, i was so upset i din even bother to look at him. This is weird.
Boring lessons continue. Then, we went to the library. I asked my fren to help me return my books so i can surf the web. I went to Sony Ericsson first, then i opened a wikipedia page juz in case teacher comes in.(we're nt allowed to visit sites unless thy r educational, so lame).
Then, i was bored so i went to coz the boys were also asking me about the site so i figured i should go too. Then, GT came in so i let her read the blog while i return my books coz my fren,Zini needed to go see the teacher. After returning my books i still have to find books so i can borrow them. Actually, we're kinda forced.
When i finished everything i went into the computer room again.Many ppl were gathered around the computer which i let GT took control of it. Thy went to the blog again. I kept reminding them to delete the history after visiting the site. I helped the JT to delete history, he is such an idiot. He doesn't even noe the existence of 'history' in the computer. Haih~
The 'librarian' saw us and told the teacher. The teacher was on her way to the computer room so i quickly ran out, grab a book, took off my ribbon and went to the corner and pretend to read. Haha. The teacher went in and checked the 'history'. Thy din delete it...... And when she was searching for bad stuff in the history, GKMY pointed at the blog and asked the teacher to click it. Grr... i hate her. SHe didn't know about the blog,bt i bet she'll go search for the blog when she's home. It wun be tht hard since her sis IS A HACKER. The boys gt in trouble coz thy haven't close the window of the othr blogs thy visited. The teacher haven't seen the blog yet coz of slow internet connection. Yay!!! Bt maybe she'll check the 'recycle bin' coz all histories tht are deleted will be sent to the 'recycle bin'. Shit. We planned on going thr again and delete the history which is still stuck in 'recycle bin'.
Back to class, ST said i can bring home Kon for today!!! Yay! And WC told ST tht she forgive me!!!!!!!!!! YAYYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!!! JY had a Mentos Container bt is actually empty. So he put staple and paper in it to create an effect- when u shake it, u hear sounds,u might think it is Mentos bt it is actually paper and staple. we left it in his school drawer and hope tht the stud little kids will fall for it. MUAHAHA. Then, i took Kon wiv me and said i wanna go throw rubbish. ST was shocked coz she thought i wanna throw KON! LOL. I would nvr do tht. I juz took Kon wiv me and let Kon kiss WC's cheek. haha. Our teacher actually said 'So lame'. How cool is tht? Everyone in class clapped.

PS i din go to the 色队 practice. Hope teacher wun know. If she does, i'm DEAD MEAT.

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