Thursday, March 26, 2009


Imperfections are sometimes the best thing about you....
You don't hv to be perfect, be 'imperfect'. If u dun understand wad i mean, keep reading and u'll know.
Are u an average girl?Average face, grades, family and everything else... Tired of being average?Tired of being imperfect? Are you trying to be PERFECT? Don't be..
If u change yourself juz to be 'perfect' or fit in, it's juz useless. I mean nobody's perfect. And if u change urself to be something or someone tht doesn't exist, it's juz stupid..... Don't try to fit in if u cnt, being different is also good.
Do you know wad imperfections are? You think you do, bt if u think it's juz something tht stops u from being 'perfect', you're WRONG. Imperfections resemble you, think about it, u'll know wad i mean. And if u do understand, u'll soon know tht imperfections are sometimes the best part of you. Stop being perfect and be 'imperfect'. Search for ur imperfections, nt perfections. Coz imperfections are YOU.

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