Friday, March 13, 2009

I brought my phone to school

So i brought my phone to school today for two reasons. One: I have to stay back bt i'm nt sure if thr is English Quiz, if i have my phone, i can contact my mom so i dun hv to use WC's phone again.... And i dun hv to hug her and said 'i love u' like last time.(i was so happy tht i hugged her and said i love u. Happen a week ago, i think.) Two: Coz my frens ask me to.
Those idiot ppl keep asking wad is it even though thy sit in front of the teacher. I think the teacher already knew bt she juz kept quiet. Then,WC played wiv my phone under her desk and Zini turned her body to the back and her head is facing down, which makes it so obvious.So i told her nt to do tht.Shinny wanna noe about the trip to Queensbay so i sms my sis in the toilet, Tjin Hui and Shinny was thr. Then, we heard someone in the toilet. So we let the pipe leaked some water out to create some 'effect' and flushed the toilet. Bt my sis din reply, we go back to class.
English lesson. I moved my chair to the back and talk. Ah Sir gave us see our English marks. I gt only 86. T_T. Bt Jo wyn beat GKMY so YAY!!!!! I am so happy for her. i 4got how much she got bt she is definitely better than GKMY. GKMY was mad and we told her she's nt the Queen (of English) and we also said she's jealous.
I took out my phone and took pictures and ended up deleting all of them. I tried to take a pic of GKMY. She tried to grab my phone bt failed. She ended up getting my glasses. When she walked away, i secretly took a pic of her back, she has a big butt.....
Anyways, i'll try to post the pic up here nxt time. When i gt home, i found out my screen(phone) was dirty!!!! NO!!!!! I wun bring it again.

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