Saturday, March 21, 2009

Late Post

I know it's Saturday, bt i wanna write a late post about thursday :)
Thursday is the day i went shopping wiv my besties, ST and WC. I woke up at 11:15a.m.!! I thought it was only 10 when i woke up. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and stepped out of the bathroom and take a look at the clock....11:15!!!! I brushed quickly and bathed.It's a good thing i've already chosed my clothes yesterday, i usually take forever to choose wad i'm gonna wear. Ate lunch, coz thr's no point to eat breakfast anymore.When i'm done(11:30), mom called me to go down. My sis juz woke up, i asked her to help me take my hoodie from the wardrobe bt she so stim and took out her own.Bt i took the rite one l8er. I was in such a hurry tht i took the wrong socks. I was supposed to take those for sneakers, instead i took those for sports. I even wore sneakers even though i planned to wear my nike.
Arrived at ST's house. Get in the car and went to fetch WC. She got in, said she liked my hoodie and bag. I like her's too, except the stripes. She wore a mini-skirt, i was kinda mad coz i'm afraid someone might FOLLOW us again. Bt i din scold her like how i did when i'm mad at my bro.
We go 'melepak' at Gurney b4 the movie. We went to the cinema too early so we have to wait outside, St saw those posters of scary movies, she was scared... So we go another place whr she can't see those scary posters.....
Finished watching Marlee and Me, a good movie. Bt it was kinda awkward coz most of the audiences were adults and we r juz tweens. PS the malay girl who sat beside me was annoying coz she keep SMS, good thing she changed to another place wiv her boyfren, or is it? I dun care. As long as she is gone, i'm DAMN happy.
Go to arcade, din feel like playing bt thy keep calling me to play so i play the car racing game. very fun lorh. WC also played the dancing game, bt u play it wiv ur hands, nt ur legs. ST tried playing it wiv juz waving her hands around. It was funny...
Went to POPULAR bookstore. Searched for the highlighter my sis wanted, bt din find it. SO i bought the eraser my bro wanted. Faber Castle. Nt exactly wad he wanted bt who cares.
Melepak again.
Begged WC to stay for dinner and she agreed, sort of. Went to A&W. Ordered food, nt so delicoius bt OK lah. ST couldn't finish her food coz it's too hard. Couldn't blame her coz she got braces. Donate money for the deaf and dumb, feel like we've been cheated. WC left, we left. Dad arrived late at ST's house. Go home, bathe. watch OnAir, online and i forgot the rest... T_T
PS. when we were walking around pointlessly, we went to S&J and bought two plush dolphines for our fren. I wanna buy one only bt thy prefer two. The price: 40 something!!! Bt it was Ok coz we shared the money. Bt i still very 'sim tia'.

Highlight the words u cnt see, thr seems to be a problem wiv this blog post everytime i customize my blog.

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