Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hi. I just joined blogger yesterday and i didn't make an 'intro' blog. So, here it is.
I'm only 12 and I lyk to laugh,a lot. I LOVE to wear sneakers, trousers(coz i hate skirts or dresses). My best friends are Wan Chi, Eunice, Zini, Shin Thong and maybe more coz i can't rili remember. I'm currently in 6A1 and i'm gonna sit for a big exam called UPSR bt i hvn't started reading it coz i juz cnt concentrate. I love to read mangas especially shonen mangas lyk Naruto and D.Gray-Man even though I'm a girl. I eat a lot bt i dun lyk to go jogging, swimming or wadeva. Which is why I'm nt in a great figure and I'm nt fit. Haha. Well, I guess that's it.Keep checking in for more.

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