Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've been rili busy these days. I hv to sudy for the exam. I juz on the computer coz i wanna go check out fansites. And, of coz, i updated my blog.
Today, we have this caligraphy competition. I wrote a little bit and found out that i haven't bring down the science notebook so i ran down. The teacher asked us why i bring down so late. Then, she asked me whr are the papers she gave us yesterday. I thought we already passed up so i said so. Bt she said she din hv it. So, i hv to run up again and collect them. Bt everyone dun care and continue writing. Bt when i said the whole class will gt scolded, everyone passed up. I ran back to my place to continue writing. Wrote wrong one word. Asked ah sir to giv me another new paper. He agreed. I wrote quickly and continue collecting the papers.When i gv the teacher, she asked me if i hv finished writing and i said yes. Then, she entered the class. She damn scary. Bt sometimes, she's good. I'm sure everyone in the class will hate me if i said she is nice. Haha. Well, that's all. Gonna check out fansites and off the comp.


  1. Ah Sir give u new paper? But when I "accidentally on purpose" write wrong 1 word I asked 4 a new paper but he said finished dy. T.T

  2. u should ask for a new paper earlier

  3. Ah sir is so 'berat sebelah'
    give u dun give us