Monday, February 16, 2009

I cnt control myself

Gosh, I on the computer even though i 下定决心 to on it once in two days. Haha. I guess that's juz me.
Let's see wad happened today. I went to school and we talked about ppl's blogs. YL said he's gonna help me make a C-box. I wonder if he's rili gonna do it or maybe he's juz gonna hack my blog... If he does, i'll kill him. I'm serious... Then, we need to go the hall. We saw the std 1 kids thr getting injections. Almost all of them cried and shout. One of them shouted in a high-pitched voice, I think she should join the choir.... And then another one ran to the back of the hall. Smart kid. Everyone was so nervous coz thy thought thy were gonna get injections too. Turns out that we dun need to! Yay....:) The nurse said some stuff about how bad it is if u smoke and the othr person who stands near the person will die earlier. If u ask me y, I dunno how to answers coz i didn't listen carefully.Then, recess lorh. After recess we went to hall (again) to have a health check or wadever. The nurse didn't said i'm too fat or too thin. Those who r too thin have to eat those unknown pills. Even though the nurse didn't comment on my weight, she did asked me to cut my finger nails....Then, after othr lessons, gt 周会. When the 周会 ended, I left the hall too fast, didn't get to see 'that person'. T_T

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