Sunday, February 22, 2009

My eyes hurt

My eyes hurt. Guess it's coz i cried too much yesterday.
That's rite, i cried. Even someone who smiles all the time in school actually cried.
It all started when i came back from tuition yesterday. I get in the car n my bro showed me my sis' new phone. It's W910. I was shocked, mad and sad. It's the phone i actually wanted at first, bt my mom said no so i bought W580i. So when we were at my grandma's house, i cnt control bt cried. It's nt coz i rili wan dt phone, it's juz dat i gt TOO emotional and cried. As a matter of fact, I'm nt even sure y i cried. And the weirdest thing is dat i cnt stop. I juz keep crying and crying. My grandma keep telling me tht if u cry, ur eyes will hurt the nxt day. She was RIGHT.My eyes do hurt. At last, i stopped crying and we went to fetch my sis. Then, we go out for dinner at a restaurant called Passions of Kerala. Nt sure if it serves Indian Food or Thai cuisine. We finished eating dinner without our mom coz she's at another place for a company dinner. We went to a shop called Nice Day. My siswas searching for accessories for her new phone. I went to look for bags even though i dun usually do dat coz i dun lyk them. Bt i saw one dat is nice. I mean, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS.. Gosh, i'm turning into GKMY, coz she always says gorgeous.Haha. SO, my sis called my mom and asked if i can buy it. My mom said yes and we bought it. YAY. Dun feel sad anymore.
Woke up this morning found out my sis phone can use internet. Mine also can bt need to register first. T_T. Good thing i played wiv her phone. Coz when i was, I found out that i like mine better. YAy me!

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