Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2 episodes in a row!

Yay, I get to watch two episodes of a show i cnt tell u bt it's nt porn...
I just finish my homework. Well, sort of. I still have to write my nilam, which reminds me that i haven't buy the new one, so i have to go buy it tomorrow. Shit. Then, I still have to study for the ejaan, do tuition homework, watch the 2 eps, read the UPSR stuff or wadeva it's called. I guess that includes my schedule.Let's get back to the subject about wad happen in school. Today, teahcer changed our place. Zini went away and Pei Xi is sitting wiv me now. I hate it bt i dun blame teacher coz it's actually my fault that we changed places. Durng music lesson, Puan J wanted us to try the drums. GKMY tried bt i think she did badly. I forgot who tried nxt, bt i remembered who played them well. Yong Liang n Jing Yan. I think JY did better. I also rmb RJ playing the drum. the way she holds the drum stick was hilarious. Haha. Before the drums, we sang a song tht sounds lyk this: Val De Ree Val De Ra. I luv it coz it has my name, Val. Then, we went back to class for English. Me and WC laughed a lot. Then, YL sang this weird song that says he's cool and pro. I changed it to a GKMY version. Oh, and did i mention dat i tried to pinched her face bt failed coz it's too oily and my hand slipped away? She said that she had cream on her face.Weirdo. Then, after the 'hell-ish' lesson, me and WC went to the toilet without asking the teacher. When i get back to class i gt scolded by the teacher for nt wearing my ribbon. T_T bt i dun feel hurt or anything. Haha.