Sunday, February 15, 2009

My dad threw away my book!

It's another blog post... ON THE SAME DAY.
Today is kind of a pointless day. I woke up early and thought that i can do a lot of stuff. But the only not-so-pointless stuff i did today were only homework and updating my blog.Then, i fell asleep and woke up at 5.20p.m. I rushed out of the room to watch Hannah Montana. Only gt to watch a little..T_T. Then, i feel lyk studying so i go to the 'library' bt it's actually a room that stores book.SWT.But i cnt find my book. So i called my mom for help,bt we still cnt find it. Then, my mom thought that maybe she already threw it away.I was so mad and sad. THen, i found out tht it was actually my dad who threw it. Grr... Bt he doesn't rili feel bad or anything, it was my mom tht feels bad. So, to make i up to me, mom wanna go buy 参考书for me. Even though i din rili wan, i said yes. Then, she asked if i wanna go and i said no. Then, she asked again if i wan the Coffee Bean Belgium Chocolate ice-blend and of course i said yes. Haha. Rite now, i'm still waiting for them to come back....

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