Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today's v-day bt i still HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL coz 补课. stupid.... Well, bt it's nt bad to me coz i DUN celebrate v-day. i'm mad coz i cnt rest at home. Haha. Anyways, today is the art competition. THe title is ‘’一场梦'' which means 'a dream' I drew pigs flying, a cute ghost and a pontianak on the tree. I personally lyk the 'pontianak' coz it's so cute bt i ruin it with my horrible painting skills. Then, when i almost finish, XM and WC came by and 'help' me draw. I lyk the smiley face she drew on my tree bt then XM overlap it wiv paint. Stupid. THen, WC started going crazy n draw my PIG! I LOVE THAT pig. BUt it was okay coz i lyk the picture we all 'put together' . It was ugly bt i lyk it. DUnno why. WHo cares? I wun win anyway. then, i saw G's drawing, she drew pumpkins. YEs, PUMPKINS . I mean, does she think it's Halloween? Wad an idiot. THe, i saw XM's drawing, i kinda lyk it even though it's 'ugly'. I allow WC to play wiv my painting tools and ended up making a HUGE MESS. Now, bac to the subject. Let's see, othr ppl's drawing. ST draw KON from Bleach, JY draw a rili scary MONSTER, Rubern draw a girl singing. Weird. Then, i started taking a 'walk' around the school.THen, go home.duh.
I kinda lyk today even though i hv to go to school.


  1. Because Ruby is a girl so 'she' need to draw a girl singing la. juz like 'her'

  2. Haha... Yea i like that day too.