Sunday, February 22, 2009


I posted a blog post about Saturday, bt it's only about Saturday evening, nt morning. I was at school in the morning. School started at 8, bt i hv to go thr b4 7 coz of a math class or wadeva it's called. I'm lazy to write about the rest of Saturday so go read blogs of othr ppl who goes to the same school wiv me. If u dunno who, e-mail me and i'll tell u.
Ntg special actually happened today. Except for me doing revision for a few hours bt only read three topics coz i keep thinking about othr stuff. Then, gt bored of reading and lay down. Then, i read newspaper and my bro begged me to go back to the room coz it's raining heavily and he's scared. Scaredy cat. He left after that for badminton lessons.So, i on the computer and go read celebrity gossip. I put my computer on standby mode so i can go watch Hannah Montana. Played wiv my bro's guitar, sing some lines of the choir songs. It's nice coz i actually know this song. The choir usually sings weird songs i've nvr heard of. I went back to room, chat wiv Zini, watch Miley and Mandy show, read my besties' blog, update my own blog. My mom came home and said she bought me jogging shoe and school shoe, i tried on the jogging one bt too small, the school shoe is juz nice. I'm gonna shut off the computer after i finish writing this blog so that i could do my revision...


  1. U r soooo hardworking
    i haven't start to do my revision