Friday, February 20, 2009

English quiz

A really boring school day before recess. Then, it gets not-so-boring after recess. After recess, it's art lesson and I dun have to do anything coz I'll have to go to choir l8er. YAY!
Bt I'm YAY-ing coz i dun have to do my art project, nt bcoz i can go to choir... JY also hates it. I was planning on quiting bt I also wan to go sometimes. When I arrive at the choir room, JY was only at the hall, haven't even arrive yet. And I was totally shocked when I saw the teacher. Wanna noe y?She CUT HER HAIR! Bt i think she looks great, even better than the long hair. PLus, she was talking with wormy and i think thy were flirting.Haha.
And then, we practice and practice then go back to class. English lesson. YAY! We joke around and laugh a lot coz Ah sir doesn't bother that much. Riiing.. everyone rushes out the class and prepares to go home,bt I'm nt coz i'm staying back today for English Quiz. On my way to the canteen, i walk past 'him'. He's staying back too, bt nt for english quiz(he's nt that smart).
At the canteen, Grace was thr with her 'layered tupperware'. SHe has eggs, veggie,grapes and mangoes. All organic. Yesterday, she ate papayas even though she said that papayas make ur boobs look big.Weirdo. Then, Ruby keeps coming to our table to grab G's grapes. G also told me who she likes.
Go the 6a9 for quiz. Finished doing the worksheet very fast bt only got 88. I played 'tug n war' wiv Ruby using a cane. Haha. We keep pulling and pulling till we ran out of class. I fell... Bt i get back up and continue pulling. A computer teacher saw us and she stood thr staring at us wiv a bad look on her face. So we stopped, bt nt exactly coz we continue playing in the class. I won so Ruby took my bottle. I chased him and spotted G's crush walking past our class. I told G bt she didn't care coz she playing hard-to-get.Again.I h8 it when she does dat.

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