Monday, February 23, 2009

GKMY is the president.

Today, the Ah Sir wanna choose the president, secreatary or wadeva of the english quiz club. I'm nt even sure if it is a club.
When the teacher asked us who wants to be president,she said she wants to be even though i said Jo Xing is better. Then, she said dat we need to giv her a chance coz JX is president in every club. GKMY is incredibly STUD to think dat JX is president in everything. Idiot. So, Ah Sir chose GKMY coz thy get along pretty well. GKMY always talk to him when she's lonely. Weirdo. If u lonely, make some frens lorh, y need to talk to teacher.
Anyways, I threw her book. YAY! And she was evil to show the note that ST wrote, to the teacher. And ST said ppl who are stupid turns to the teacher for help(i think she said it like dat, i cnt remember) Bt teacher din punish ST. YAY!
At the school assembly, the teacher gave the all the monitor a new ribbon. I received it and immediately think eww, coz very ugly and big. Like Minnie's ribbon. Haha.

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