Thursday, February 19, 2009


Guess what day is today? THURSDAY! U'RE RIGHT! It's thursday, a stud day coz gt 色队练习. But the good news is that b4 the 色队练习, it was a good day in school, plus thr is just little HW. At 图书馆节we went to the library's computer room and we saw YL serving the net. We search weird stuff lyk and thr rili is a He also went to eunice's blog. Then, he want to go to my blog bt i said no. Bt we were too loud so the teacher came in and warned us nt to be noisy and she aslso suspect that we searched some uneducational stuff. Then, b4 放学 YL showed us the chamelon that has BIG eyes and said that it is 'someone' cnt say who dat person is. Haha. The chamelon was actually a picture, nt a real one.
色队练习: Rili hot. We 跳高first. The first time i juz run towards thr and stopped and asked how to jump, the guy thr answered me and said use ur leg to jump.SWT. Wad a stupid answer.So, i hv to jump again. Second time, my leg hit the pole, and i lied down on the mattress, and I feel lyk a BURNING CHICKEN! Bt the teacher wasn't happy and call us to jump again. Then, teacher realized that all the girls are hopeless in this thing so she asked another teacher to take us to 跳远. Bt she let us run first. After finish running, the T told us that we are nt bad already, at least we can run 100m within 12 seconds, and i whispered to Zini saying that the teacher which is our science teacher is talking about speed. Everything science one this teacher. Then, we dun need to 跳远 coz time out already. YAY! Bt i hv to help teacher 'catch' the 5th one who was running. Bt thy were too many and fast so i cnt 'catch' them. Hehe. Then, no more lorh. Get in the car and found out that the McDonald my mom bought was in the car bt my bro is eating the fries and he already finished the coke. Only gt burger left.NO!!!!!! Stud bro......

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