Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's ur first kiss, it's flawless, it's rili something. it's Fearless.... Listening to Taylor's Swift's song Fearless. Love it. Even though the song is about love being fearless, i think of it as a song that's about life and u have to be fearless to get something u want. It's kinda stupid that i think of it that way.....Bt who cares.
Now, let's talk about Taylor Swift. I love her coz she's awesome, her songs are inspirations from her life. She's a great song-writer. Bt i noticed all of her songs are about love, mostly about her heart broken. Anyways, juz go listen to her songs. If u r a girl thinking if u should go back together wiv a guy that dumped u before, listen to her song 'White Horse' it's about coming back to reality. If u r a girl that is in love, listen to 'Love Story' And if u're heart broken or crushing on someone now, juz go listen to the rest of the songs. Well, I guess tht's it.

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  1. O..k.. This is pretty weird. I still luv her songs though.. Better than Miley!