Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yay! I finished reading std 4 科学! Bt i haven't read the activity book or the papers our teacher gave us.
Well, I found out how to shake control my handphone!Yay...
I was l8 when i arrived at school. Well, nt exactly late, bt technically. I ran into the classroom, put my bag, grab my book and ran to the hall. I was halfway thr and Pn J.L asked me to go in quickly and the PK2 just nod. Good thing thy din ask me to stand by the door. The BM teacher scold two boys bloody fools.HOW RUDE. It's was quite funny though.
We went to the high school field and saw my sis. Dunno if i should say 'YAY' or not. We played badminton and basketball, u can choose. I chose badminton and played for a while. Bt then, GKMY 'racquet-nap' my racquet so i cnt play. I went to talk wiv WC and ST. She told me who she likes. And of coz' i told her too.
I have to run around the school to find my bro, h8 him.... Bt the good news is, i get to see 'him' coz i'm late. Haha. Btw, saw 'him' a lot today.
P.S I saw Soon Fat when i was halfway to school. She was stuck in the jam too.